Tuesday, July 28, 2009

E-Zines, A Great Way To Go

July 28, 2009

Today is not a day for sitting outdoors, it's just too darn hot. I went out to get my newspaper and check the mail, and worked up a lather in just a few steps. I guess I'm not old enough to really enjoy the hot hot stuff. Must be something in the body's system that cools the older person down in 90+ weather. I should maybe look this up so that I will know when I can expect to really enjoy the hottest days. Meanwhile, I sit here in front of my PC and my little fan, and try to be creative.

Each month, I receive a new Photography BB online magazine, and today's mail brought a new one filled with all sorts of wonderful photographs and information. If you are into photography, and would like to receive this wonderful FREE online magazine, check out their website. It's not too late to pick up all of the back issues. http://www.photographybb.com/.

One of my other subscription magazines is offering a much lower cost if I choose to download my magazine as a PDF file. This is something I might have to look into. The only disadvantage would be that I could not sit curled up in a chair and read it, (without my laptop) nor could I share the magazine with a friend. On the other hand, I could afford more magazines. Ah well, we shall see.

This week I should be getting my first issue of my newest subcription, Photoshop Creative. This is my most expensive subscription, so I hope I won't disappointed. This is one of the magazines that I usually try to find at Costco's - provided that they have it in stock and none of the customers with children have protested to have it banned from the bookshelf.

Al Ward at http://www.actionfx.com/ also puts out a monthly e-zine that is geared more for scrapbooking and contains, tutorials, tips, freebies and more. I will have to check around to see what else on this vein I can find that might be useful to all of you (and me!).

If any of you are into photography, and would like some handy tips and tricks, as well as critique on your own work, visit my friend Mary Ann's site. Here, she shares some of her award winning photos, and a lot of wonderful information on different techniques for re-working or re-touching your photos. Say hello when you stop by. http://roeslergallery.web.com/

Before I sign off, I will share a rather pretty photo of a gorgeous blue hydrangea. Actually, this photo shows the "baby" bloom, and the "mature" bloom. It's just amazing how this flower goes from a creamy yellowish shade to a most beautiful blue shade. Enjoy it folks, and y'all have a wonderful day.

Hugs, Edna B.

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Snowy said...

I'm jealous about the nice weather you are having there-it's rather cool here in England. No wonder we look like white skinned Goths with weather like that,lol.My fan has been made redundant this year , it seems. Great news about Tootsie as well.Fantastic-that little dog is tough and does not give in. A rebel -I like that ,lol.
Hugs Snowy