Thursday, July 9, 2009

Mail For Tootsie

July 9, 2009

Good morning, at least I hope it is. Tootsie and I tossed and turned all night. Very little sleep came our way. Let's hope tonight is a better one for sleeping. Usually Thursday night is my bad night for sleeping. The body knows it has to get up early for work, and so it decides not to cooperate. Ahhh, the good life.

Did I mention that Tootsie has a subscription to a magazine, and that a couple of nights ago, we spent the evening reading the newest issue together? What? Doesn't your dog or cat get mail? Magazines? This one is filled with lots of great articles, and even has coupons for her favorite foods in it. One magazine is called "Healthy Pet" and the other is "Dog's Life." You should see what is out there for your pet. They really do love to get mail.

Today, I get to do a bit of shopping. Not my cup of tea, but necessary. Food, meds, household supplies, that sort of thing. The nice thing is that I will get to go out to lunch with daughter Dee. It has been a while since we have been able to get together for some fun time, and I am looking forward to it.

This afternoon, it's back to the grindstone. If I can finish up with the October DD's, then I will only have three more months to do. A piece of cake!! Don't I wish!! Ahhh, but it is fun most of the time. The only time it is not fun is when my brain takes a vacation without letting me know. Lately, the brain seems to rebel quite often. I wonder why this is. Must be that wonderful Golden thingy.

Y'all want to do something nice today? Something that will make you feel good about yourself and make your toes tingle? Send an encouraging, happy email to a very nice lady who is in need of a bit of cheering up. We all have our "down" days, but now Su is in the dumps, and could use some happy mail to make her day a bit brighter. So stop by her blog, and leave her a message. Su is at

Before I leave to get busy on my PC, let me share a lovely QP that Kyra has made with my mini kit "A Walk In The Park." If you didn't get this kit yet, scroll back down to June 30. To get this lovely freebie, just visit Kyra's blog. Y'all have a great day.

Hugs, Edna B.

"A Walk In The park QP"

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smiekeltje said...

How are you doing? Is it busy??? No posting for a few days, ??????????
If you want to have a little smile go to the forum team projects, the special one and take a look
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