Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Need More Topsy Turvies

July 21, 2009

Oh me oh my, what a day. Can't go out, it's pouring rain. That's okay though, the tomatoes need the rain. Aren't those topsy turvy planters something? We've picked two tomatoes so far this summer. At this rate, we should only need thirty or forty topsy turvies to harvest enough tomatoes to make a few bowls of salad. Aye yup, some bargain!

Started cleaning the bookshelves in my bedroom today. Now that's a tough job. I have a hard time separating from my books, but it is necessary. Out of the first 50 books, I put one in the "get rid of" bag. See what I mean? After three or four shelves, I have to start over, and actually try harder to fill the bag. Yeah! Success!! I outdid my self and filled three bags. Even so, I have to keep at it until only the "absolutely have to keeps" are left on the shelves. Time for a short break.

After lunch, I interviewed a prospective tenant, and will chat on my blog before going back to the bookshelves. I thought today I would share a cute photo that I took a few days ago of some little birds playing in the birdbath. It seems that even little birds can be "cliquey." When one little bird tried to join the others in the birdbath, another little bird tried chasing him away. It is really quite comical to watch them as they are so very much like children.

Out of the corner of my eye, I am watching Miss Tootsie trying to play with half a ball. You heard me, half a ball. I stopped taping the old ball together because Tootsie would have the tape off within 30 minutes or so. Now she gets to toss a half ball around, which of course isn't as much fun because a half ball doesn't bounce or roll very well. I suppose though, if it's your favorite ball, then half a ball is better than no ball.

That's it, I'm starting to talk crazy. Time to get back to work here. Y'all have a great evening.

Hugs, Edna B.


Nani said...

I'm sad t hear the topsy turvies aren't producing so well, Edna! They seem like such a good idea, maybe next year, after the dirt enriches like it does on a farm? Maybe??

I kinda dread when th day comes that we can afford to build David's train layout and the mug rack that goes over it (with a kitchen, bath and bedrooms to wash the mugs, return the rented coffee from the mugs and sleep after hot cocoa.) Between the two of us we have excessive books and they aren't even all on bookshelves!

Love your birdies and their tale!

Snowy said...

What? You are not fixing her ball anymore,lol? Glad to hear we are not the only ones with rain-it's a really wet summmer this year ! And I know exactly what you mean regarding the books! It's sooooo hard to part with them ! But I have plans on my kitchen now-far too much I don't use- so that's the next project during my time off now,lol. It's like start of a new life now that I'm on my own and I just have to get rid of the clutter that's not needed. Catch you later if you are on - send something noisy if you want to chat , in case I'm not at the desk,lol. I'll be enjoying my first day off. Coofee is kicking in , I'm starting to wake up. Hugs to Moo and big kiss for my favourite man,lol. I'll see him tonight -hugs Snowy