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Tuesday, December 20, 2016

Are You A Ganderer?

December 20, 2016

Good afternoon.  Yup, I'm way late today.  First, I slept in as late as I could, then after making breakfast for Pogo and me, I caught up on a lot of my emails.  One thing led to another, and I found myself looking through my photo gallery.  What can I say?  I'm a ganderer. 

I can hear you now.  "What's a ganderer?"  Well, if you look it up on Google, you'll find that it begins with the history of geese, and basically means to take a long look or to wander aimlessly.  And that's sort of like me.  I go from one thing to another without any particular reason.

However, while I was "gendering" I came across a favorite photo that I'd like to share.  To me, this is the very meaning of family, love, hope and blessings.  My very first grandchild, Bobby, always said "Not me,, I'm never having any kids."  This is my Bobby, napping with his most precious baby daughter Aurora.  My blessings go on and on.

Well, yesterday, Pogo and I made it to the car appointment.  While we were there, another family came in with their little doggie.  Pogo was so excited, and couldn't wait to play with this new doggie.  On the way home, we stopped by the Post Office and met a man who has two rescue kitties.  He was telling us about a cat farm not too far from here where lots of rescue cats live.  Even if you can't take one home, you can visit the farm and play with all the kitties.  This sounds like a fun idea! 

I was thinking we might go out today for a bit, but I'm not sure.  For some reason I'm tired today.  Tomorrow and the next day are supposed to be fairly nice, so maybe we'll go out those days.  I do have a lot of bundles to drop off at Deanne and Eddie's house, so that will be one of our errands.  I also have to go shopping for a new bird feeder.  Our's broke when the wind knocked it to the ground a few days ago. 

This afternoon I'll make my grocery shopping list.  I'd like to do that shopping in the next couple of days.  This weekend is going to be so wicked busy for shoppers, and I don't want to be out in the crowds.

Dwarf Helen took a photo of Luna, one of our house cats, enjoying the Christmas tree that is set up in the den.  She loves to lie under it next to the Mr. and Mrs. Claus dolls.  Even our fur babies love Christmas.

Well that's my news for today.  I'm waiting for the Mailman to deliver a couple parcels that I'm waiting for.  I'm sure I'll find some fun mischief to get into the rest of the day.  So, till tomorrow, Y'all have a fantabulous day.

Hugs, Edna B.


LV said...

You a ways seem to find something to stay busy. That's good when you feel good. Take care and enjoy each day.

smiekeltje said...

Never heard of the word Ganderer, but I suppose sometimes I am one too. It happens to me when I am on Google, looking for something, then i see something else, wander off, see again something else etc.
But sometimes it also happens when I am busy at home, e.g. I am folding the laundry, put something in the closet, see a pile that isn;t neat enough, do that, then think that re-arranging another shelf should be done, then first make myself a sandwich because suddenly i feel a bit hungry, etc.
ah well, at the end all has been done that was necessary(or more or less) LOL.
I am sure Pogo had a great time meeting that other doggie.
Oh, that rescued kitty farm would be good for me. I am almost sure I could pass there without falling in love with one of them and then would want to take it home But you can do that once, or twice, may be even a third time but then it would have to stop and that would break my heart. Yeah, I am at times a real softie.
Love that photo of Bobby and his daughter!

May be you feel a bit tired because you did a lot of things lately and then you still have that arm that is healing, so that all takes a lot of energy. Perhaps good idea to take one day "off"and do your errands tomorrow.Still in time to avoid the crowds.
Have a wonderful day!

The Queen Jester said...

Well, there's yet another word to describe me...a ganderer. It certainly fits. Thank you for today's education.