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Saturday, September 14, 2013

Can A Fuzzy Caterpillar Forecast The Weather?

September 14, 2013

Good morning.  Gosh another week has gone by along with half of September.  Some folks are predicting a cold and snowy winter.  So, as along as time is whizzing by so quickly, maybe Winter will whiz by too and we can get right into Spring.  Or better yet, maybe the forecasters can be wrong and it will be a mild winter.

Here's a photo of a fuzzy caterpillar that I saw at the park earlier this week.  He's not quite as thick as some that I seen in years past.  Does this mean a mild Winter?

Yesterday, Pogo and I managed to get through the day okay.  I'm so glad I had the crackers and the can of fruit in my work bag.  When I got home later in the afternoon, Joe and I went food shopping at Market Basket.  By the time we got back home and my groceries were put away, I had just enough strength left to make some supper for Pogo and me. 

After supper, I curled up in my lounge chair with a fuzzy blanket to watch a bit of TV.  I watched a couple episodes of "Cold Case" and blissfully fell asleep.   For once, the bladder behaved and went to sleep too.  Now if only I could do this every night!  Mmmmmmmmm.

I have a couple photos of cone flowers "gone by" that I thought were pretty interesting.  There's only a smidgen of pink and green left in their patch in the garden.

Now I'm off to start some laundry and maybe a few other little things.  Till tomorrow, Y'all have a fantabulous day.

Hugs, Edna B.


The Queen Jester said...

The cone flowers have their own beauty even after the color has faded away.
Let's hope for a mild winter.

smiekeltje said...

No idea if caterpillars can tell us what kind of winter we might have LOL. We just can hope for a very mild and short one.
Happy you got a decent sleep, one feels so much better after that.
Some flowers stay beautiful, like those cone flowers.
Soonwe will have to do some work in the garden, to prepair it a bit for winter, also need to replace some bushes, it needs a rather good day, specially with no rain, and not too much wind.
I plan to have a quiet day today, like to finish a kit I am working on for Halloween(yeah, already, but time flies and soon I even should start on Christmas kits, can you believe it???)
You have a great day.