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Monday, January 18, 2010

Rain, Sleet And Snow For Us

January 18, 2010

I supposed y'all want to know what's up with Mr. Howie? Well, his potty issues were becoming extreme, and it was time to take him to the hospital to have him checked out to see if there was a medical issue to address. A large part of the day was spent at the VA hospital trying to convince the doctors that Howie needed to be admitted and evaluated, both medically and psychologically.

I got home around 2 pm, and Moo got home closer to 4 pm. And yes, Howie was finally admitted to be evaluated. Needless to say, it was probably a bit hectic at that hospital last night, as Howie behaves quite badly when you take him out of his familiar surroundings.

The rain that we were promised started before I left for work last night, and continued through the night. Around 4 am this morning it changed over to frozen sleet and snow. I imagine there were quite a few accidents this morning, as I passed a couple on my way home.
At one point, I thought I might be in an accident too. I was slowing for a red light when my car started slipping and sliding in all the wrong directions. Oh dear!!! But then it got back on track and all was well again. Must have been my guardian angel watching over me.
Visibility was okay, but not great. When the wind blew (which it did quite frequently), the visibility got much worse. Here are a few photos to show you my trip home this morning. This first photo shows the visibility on the road in the open spaces.
This next photo is a shot of visibility behind me, which you can see in my rear view mirror. I just thought this was a different and interesting view.
And finally, this last shot is one of my favorites. I took it through the windshield while I was sitting at a red light. See? Even in this horrid weather, there is beauty.
I did have plans to stop at the gym again this morning, but in this nasty weather I just wanted to get home without any accidents. I will make it to the gym this week, just not today. The weatherman says that all this snow and rain will blow over before the end of the day. Let's hope he's right.
Now, I think I shall have a cup of coffee, play with Tootsie for a bit, and then have me a little nap. There were not too many winks for me last night. The electric power went out a couple of times (only for short times), so I had to be extra alert most all night. The Mrs was getting a bit nervous when the clocks went out and started blinking on and off at her in the dark.
Later I hope to start working on the April daily downloads. Woo Hoo!! I finally got March wrapped up and the previews loaded to the forum. I also want to work on the design challenge. We are learning to make mesh for this one. I'll even see about getting another freebie finished.
So that's it for now. Till tomorrow, Y'all have a really grand day.
Hugs, Edna B.

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smiekeltje said...

Oh gosh, they are finally convinced that it isn't going all too well wit Howie?? What a progress!!! Now to hope that they will reach a good conclusion, that he really needs special care!
At least it is a step forward.
The weather on your way back home didn't look very pleasant! You did the right thing to stay in and leave the gym on it's own! Do please be careful on the road, dear, an accident can happen in a sec, and it doesn;t have to be your fault! Have a lovely day! Hugs