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Saturday, January 9, 2010

Oh Boy! No New Snow This Morning!

January 9, 2010

This morning is sunny and cold. Sometime during the night, the snow stopped falling. Thank goodness it was just a light snow or we'd be snowbound. Yesterday, the snow stopped for a while and all the little birds and squirrels were scurrying to get food before the snow started up again. So I did manage to get a batch of photos. Now I just have to get them into Photoshop and crop them.

My cold is at that yucky stage. You know, when you try to blow your nose and your eyes fill up with water? First you can't breath, and then you can't see. Gosh! Just a barrel of fun! Florida is starting to look awful good to me right about now!

Yesterday was a long day for me. After work, I had to do some neglected, but important, errands. You know, like pick up meds, buy dog food, put money in bank. I also picked up a couple of expensive magazines as a treat for myself. Some of my photography and Photoshop magazines are published in the UK and are very expensive. I'll have to check to see if the pages are edged in gold! My one subscription from there has gone from $85 a year to well over $100 to renew it. Gosh, and I was considering subscribing to a couple of others! I don't think so, Edna!

As I sit here typing, I am looking over at another photo opportunity that I quite overlooked. My daughter in law, Janet, finds these delightful musical toys every year at Christmas time. This year's is -- well, that's for another post. I'll take some photos of it today to share another time.

Here are some of yesterday's photos. And naturally, they are all of the little birds out in the backyard feeding, and in the trees and bushes nearby.

You can see in this last photo, that the snow has started up again. I have to say that it does make a beautiful background for photos.
Well, now I'm in need of a glass of juice (need lots of vitamin C now), and Tootsie is wanting a bit of attention too. Till tomorrow, Y'all have a grand day.
Hugs, Edna B.


Nani said...

Oh Edna! I LOVE that photo of the blue jay! I agree the snow looks wonderful in photos, it just isn't fun to STAND in!

I hate that stage you're in with the cold too. I'm fighting off a cold, and doing okay in that battle, but I am stuffed up, but not really. Blow and blow, watery eyes from it, but I still feel congested. Drink something warm and just let the steam try to loosen you up so you can get it over with and get back to 100%. I'm sending loving get-well (quick) thoughts you way.

Unknown said...

Love your photos of the birds! Hope you're feeling better soon.