Thursday, August 9, 2018

Temps Have Dropped A Skoshe. Awesome!

August 9, 2018

Good morning.  Oh my, temps are a bit cooler this morning and boy oh boy does it ever feel good! The air is so much more breathable.  It will warm up in a little while, but temps aren't supposed to get up into the nineties today.  Woo Hoo!

Well, the repairman came by yesterday to fix my dryer.  Gosh, I felt so bad for the guy. He was an older gent, thin with gray hair.  And the heat was getting to him.  But he fixed my dryer.  It cost a little less than $200.  A lot cheaper than buying a new dryer.  I'm keeping my fingers crossed and hoping for the best. 

We had a few thunder showers here yesterday and last night.  Just enough to leave a few small puddles behind.  Pogo and I stood out on the porch and enjoyed watching the rain come down.  The warm summer rain brings back wonderful memories of us little kids playing outside in the rain with a bar of soap.  

In case you are wondering, this was back in the early forties.   There was a war going on and no one had much money.  Life was more innocent then and us kids found lots of ways to have fun.  Of course, our families watched to make sure we were all safe.  Whole neighborhoods watched, and us kids enjoyed a wonderful childhood.

No one had much money in those days, and families did  a lot of shopping at rummage sales that were held in local churches and halls.  My folks always managed to find boxes of books to bring home to me.  I loved books.  Could never get enough of them.  They opened up a whole new world for me.  I guess that's why I love learning so much.  Not the teckie stuff.  Just stuff.  I found this on the web and just had to share it.

Last night, I was watching an ad on TV about internet colleges and I fell asleep.  I dreamed about signing up for classes in a Ph. D. program.  It felt good for a while until I realized that the cost was more than I could afford.  It's okay though.  I don't need the degree.  It's just something I used to want.  Dreaming about it made for a happy sleep.

I have another cute story for you (that I found on the web) and I thought it might help to start your day off with a smile.

Now I think I need to pay a couple of bills so that I can give them to the mailman when he gets here.  Before I go, let me share a photo of Pogo that I took a few days ago.  I took the photo with my cell phone from across the room, but it sill came out pretty good.

How many of you remember, or know, the word "skoshe"?  I remember it from my childhood.  I checked for it's definition on Google.

"The word skoshe comes from the Japanese word sukoshi, which is pronounced "skoh shee" and means "a tiny bit" or "a small amount."  The Japanese word was shortened by U.S. servicemen stationed in Japan after World War II. Later, in the Korean War, a small soldier was oftened nicknamed "Skosh." 

Aren't you glad you dropped by today?  It's good to learn something new. 

Now I'm off to pay the bills and do a bit of blog reading.  So, till tomorrow, Y'all have a fantabulous day.

Hugs, Edna B.


LV said...

One good thing, you stay busy most of the time with good things. Some days my get up and go does not work.

Annesphamily said...

Hi Edna! I was thinking of you. The rehab center kicked my SIL Lucy out because her Medicare was paying her medical bills and she is maxed out! SHe was not ready to go home and her neighbor, a gentleman who is a crippled from the waist down from a drive by when he was young and crazy in LA stopped by. He said he wanted to pray for her and with her. He knits to pass the time but he knitted a winter cap. Cutest thing ever. I was hoping he had made a lap blanket though. SHe isn't as mobile as she would like yet and I had hoped he made a blanket. But he was a thoughtful gentleman.
Skoshe is an awesome word! BUt thank you for sharing the meaning behind it. I love to learn.
I love the photo of Pogo, it looks like an oil painting. He's so darn cute. Good to be here and take care HUGS xo

Kathy said...

Hopefully the weather you are getting comes this way. It is still really hot and humid. What a cute picture of Pogo! You should print that out and frame it. Hope you have a good evening!