Wednesday, August 1, 2018

Say Hello To August

August 1, 2018

Good afternoon.  I had to get up early this morning to go shopping, so that's why I'm late with my post.  And, it's a brand new month.  Here's my calendar page for August.  Look at this adorable little squirrel playing peek a boo with me from beneath my plants.

Yesterday was another all day affair getting my car taken care of.  But by mid-afternoon, the new computer module had been installed, and a rejection safety sticker was put on my windshield.  They said that I had to drive for about one hundred miles so that the computer could reset itself.  Then I can go back and get a regular safety sticker. 

Hence the shopping trip today.  Deanne and I decided to shop at a Trader Joe's market, several towns away.  For entertainment on the way there, we were chatting with the voice on the GPS system.  I think she was just a tad bit on the juice because she kept telling us to take "almost right turns" for a while where there were no "almost right turns." 

But we did get to Trader Joe's, and it was quite a store.  We bought a few things and then decided to finish up at the local WalMart Supercenter store.  Trying to leave the area proved to be quite interesting.  The GPS lady kept telling me to take a left when there was no apparent left turn.  We did find a way out, and were headed to the WalMart.  So we thought. 

Ms. GPS wasn't happy that we weren't following her directions, so she took us on a little tour around town before putting us on the road to WalMart.   She's really quite a gal!

At the WalMart, we did the rest of our shopping, and finally headed back home.  Once we got home, I checked my mileage and surprise, surprise.  I don't have too much more traveling to do before I can go back and get my regular safety sticker.  Woo Hoo!

Today temps are staying in the high seventies to the mid eighties with cloud cover.  It's a really nice day, but I'm glad the shopping part is over.  I'm exhausted from the last few days.  But I guess all things happen for a reason.  My car forced me to go outside the box and visit new shopping stores.  So I guess all is well.

Today I thought I might show photos of the latest tissue dollies that I've finished.  (except for the ribbons and trim)   The first one is Minty with white.

Then we have Light Gold with Marakesh.

And last, I have Red, White and Blue with White.

On today's quick page, Zlata is trying to enjoy her watermelon drink, if only that pesky bug would leave her alone!  I guess bugs like watermelon too.  I'll have you know, it took me two and a half hours to figure out how to make Zlata sit and hold her drink!

Now I'm off to relax a bit before heading to the kitchen to wash the dishes.  So, till tomorrow, Y'all have a fantabulous day. 

Hugs, Edna B.


Kathy said...

You made me laugh with the GPS story. One year my sister and I took a trip to Williamsburg, VA. The GPS had us going through a man's house in order to get to the hotel. He kindly told us how to get there.

Sounds like fun going to all those new stores. Hope you got everything you needed.

I love those little tissue dolls. They are all so pretty! They used to be popular here, but no one seems to have them anymore. Those and little dolls you would put on your bed pillows.

Have a great day and enjoy August!

smiekeltje said...

It was quite an adventure to get the new sticker for your car! I can understand you are a bit pooped out after all of this, together with the warm weather.
Your bird feeder and fountain look great and look to be a great succes!
We too have still real warm weather and I like it, although it is true that it drains your energy somewhat.
Now it is time for you to take it easy again, after the "running around"for your car and the rest.
Have a wonderful day and rest of the week.
Sending big hug

Theresa said...

Good morning! I have been out of town visiting my Great-granddaughter and way behind on visiting! LOVE those little dollies:) SO cute! Enjoy your day dear friend, hope your new part for your car works great! HUGS!