Monday, August 27, 2018

A Word A Day Keeps The Brain Young (I Think)

August 27, 2018

Good morning.  Well, the wicked heat is back.  It was warm all through the night, so I really did not get a lot of sleep at one time.  It was sort of in snatches.  Tomorrow and Wednesday are supposed to be really sizzling, with temps close to or around one hundred degrees.  Then it should cool down a few degrees. 

Isn't it amazing how we wait for summer to get here and then it's so hot and muggy that we can't enjoy it after all.  Of course, I can't speak for the younger folks, but for those of us with respiratory problems the muggy high temps create a lot of problems for us.

On to a brighter note, I think I might be making a bit of progress here.  It almost looks like I actually did something over the past few days.  Now if I could figure out how to not get sidetracked so easily I might make a bit more progress. 

Yesterday I came across a book that was my hubby's.  It's titled "Words You Should Know" and it lists 1200 essential words every educated person should be ale to use and define.  (author - David Olsen)  There used to be a store called "Buck A Book" in a nearby town, and Michael and I used to love to go there.  We always came home with a bag of books.  Here are a few words from this book.

abjure (ab-JOOR), verb:  To renounce, repudiate, or reject one's word or professed beliefs.  To abjure is to solemnly swear off or recant.  EX:  After some soul-searching, following his financial and domestic problems, Brad abjured drinking and gambling.

abnegate (AB-ne-gate), adjective:  To renounce, surrender, or deny privilege to oneself.  Abnegation is the act of denying oneself something considered vital or important.  Hunger strikes or long fasts are a form of abnegation.  EX:  The activist's fast lasted for 47 days; in an election year, such abnegation draws headlines and attention from elected officials.

If you find this interesting, I'll post a few words every now and then.  As for me, I enjoy learning new things all the time.  I may not use all the words in this book, but it's interesting (to me) to understand them.

Sometime during the night (last night) I had a dream about a deer.  It came over by my porch to check out my plants.  This morning, I got a photo from my archives that shows the morning visitors I used to see when I was working.  It was foggy that morning, and the deer were frolicking in the field across the street.  I miss mornings like this.

Before I get started on today's chore's, I'll post another beautiful coloring page from Dover.  I hope you have fun with it.

Now I'm off to see how much mischief I can get into today.  So, till tomorrow, Y'all have a fantabulous day.

Hugs, Edna B.

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