Wednesday, April 1, 2015

Yeaaaah! The Snow Is Finally All Gone!!


April 1, 2015

Good morning everybody.  Gosh, I haven't been able to play that silly game for oh so many years.  I hope you all are able to fool someone in a fun way today.  It just sort of brings out the "kid" in us.  Actually, the snow is still here.  It is melting, but slowly.  (This is good so it won't flood our basement) 

Here's a photo I took this past Saturday while it was snowing.  As you can see, there is still a lot of snow in our yard, but it is disappearing little by little.  I thought that the red and blue against all the white made this a very appealing photo.

I found a rather cute image on one of my girls' web pages and just had to borrow it to share here.  It is just so comical and yet truthful.  As you can see, us New Englanders are rather resourceful.

Well, last night, I turned in really early and while I was debating whether to read or crochet, I fell asleep.  And I slept.  Pogo woke me up once to give him a late night snack (he was hungry because he did not eat his supper), and then I fell right back to sleep.  I think my body was plum tuckered out.

This morning, I could not justify staying in bed past 7:30 so I decided to get an early start on my emails and such.  The sun is shining, and it is 33F degrees.  The weather man assures us that it will get up to the high 40's later today. 

Tomorrow is supposed to be in the fifties, so Pogo and I will go out and do errands and have the car checked.  Who knows, maybe we'll even visit a car wash.  After all the salt from the winter snows, my car can surely use a bath.  We'll even do lunch at the park and maybe get a few new photos of the ducks and geese.

When I went for my over all health check up on Monday, I got both good and bad news.  The bad news is that I put on a few pounds.  Not too many, but none that I really needed.  The good news is that unless my blood work shows otherwise, I'm all set for another six months.  So it's a good thing that SIL Eddie finished putting my "stepper" together.  Whenever I pass by it, I do a few steps.  I don't usually make it past one minute, but I'm hoping that every little minute will help.

Yesterday I did a bit of shopping on line at Amazon.  It's just amazing at how much of your shopping you can do here.  And the part I like best is the free shipping on most everything.  Someone asked a while back if the mattress and box spring I ordered from here was for me.  No, it was for one of the dwarfs. Replacing these things is just part of regular maintenance for a rooming house.  Having them delivered to the house for free is a treat.

Well, I suppose it's time for me to get busy and maybe run the vacuum and do a load of laundry.  Maybe tomorrow I'll have a few more of those useless tidbits of information for you.  haha.  Before I take my leave, here's the April page from my calendar.

I'm going to open the living room door now so that Pogo can watch the squirrels that are playing just outside the door.  So, till tomorrow, Y'all have a beautiful day.

Hugs, Edna B.


Annesphamily said...

Your calendar page is pretty! I have a bird calendar in my laundry room and Barbie in my bedroom. LOL! My hubby's former co worker Harold gave us a beautiful calendar with the wooden calendar frame. Love it! The calendar is pricey but the scenes are gorgeous so we splurge on that each year! I have calendars everywhere. I still have some full size calendars I randomly buy at the Dollar stores. Love the photos too! We are to get up to 71 today and snow tomorrow and Friday! Hee Hee! Weekend is suppose to warm up again! I hope so, do not want to miss church and our car won't make the hill at the amusement park where our service is held! Bandit is picky in his old age. I buy the dogs the same brand of treat, and will miss them when they leave later this month. Sigh! But the had a new flavor and they look like lil burgers! He sniffed and walked away! Of course the two big dogs hopped on it. Stella had her spay surgery Monday! Doing well, but I try to keep her close to me for now til she heals good! Jeremy finally got his home and moved toward the end of the month. Trying to close on the 24th. So we can help him that weekend. Hubby has overtime the 30th and May1st due to more remodel moving. Their offices are looking wonderful! So open and bright. I will catch up on a few more posts here. You and Pogo have a beautiful day!

The Queen Jester said...

You got me on that one! I was thinking maybe we'd get back north early...but ha ha...I guess we'll stay here for a while longer.

Unknown said...

I loved your post. Brought a big smile to my face!!
I just wanted to say hi before I go and email ya... lol... I know.. right... Crazy Beth

Nani said...

You got me on your title too! We've had a few warmer days and some rain and we are all mud, no snow. So I was all set to believe until I read the April Fools and thought "Massachusetts, snow; Nani meet brain." hehe

I like the red-white & blue photo, except I'd prefer the white to be flowers by now. I suppose that would be better by you too!

I completely agree about Amazon! I just got a nice Amazon box yesterday with my new mouse! It's already made my relationship with my computer better! LOL

Hope the temps keep getting warmer and the snow piles keep getting smaller at a safe but quick pace!

Hugs, Nani

Stacey said...

beautiful calendar! love the funny. Hope you both enjoyed the day!

smiekeltje said...

Good news about your check up. Okay, a few punds too much, but blood is in order, and that is good.
may be the few steps you take every time will help to get rid of the extra pounds LOL!
I think, that as soon the weather will be nicer and more Springlike, you also will get out more and then a bit of walking and being busy in the garden will help to loose those few pounds.
Anyway, you had a good sleep, it surely will make you feel better, so have a nice day!