Monday, April 13, 2015

Another Gorgeous Spring Day

April 13, 2015

Good morning.  It's another glorious Spring day here in my little part of New England.  I actually got to shut the heat off yesterday.  But then I forgot to put it back on when I went to bed.  Around 3 a.m. I woke up feeling a bit of a nip in the air and turned the heat back on.  In a few hours, I'll shut it off again.

We have no errands to do today, but I think Pogo and I will go out for a while anyway, just to enjoy the warm sunshine.  Tomorrow will be a rainy, stay indoors day.  Maybe later today we can take a ride to a local Salvation Army store and unload some boxes from my car.  Sad to say, the thrift stores are disappearing from our area.  I stumbled upon this Salvation Army store quite by accident a few days ago.

Now that the good weather is finally on its way back, I want to try to clean out my computer room.  I stopped using it so much a while back when it had to become a temporary catch-all.  Unfortunately, these temporary catch-alls seem to become permanent after a while.  Now I want to empty the room out and redecorate it.  Maybe even re-furnish it.  Hmmm, we'll see.

I finished the shrug that I was making, all except for the fringe.  However, it will only fit a small framed person.  I will have to make some adjustments to the pattern if I make another one.  I did get out some new yarn, but then couldn't make up my mind which project to start.  So I picked up the Merlot afghan and put a few more rows on it. 

I still have to make another blue afghan (for Christmas), and I'm thinking that I might use a variegated red and white yarn as the offset color for it.  It's for a little guy (a great grandson) so I think these colors will be perfect.

Today I have some photos showing how some of the ponds at the park are still frozen.  One of the big ponds is mostly thawed, but there is still a lot of ice.  These two photos show the large areas that are still frozen.

In this next photo, you can see where the ice is beginning to thaw close to the shore. (In this one area)   Maybe after a week of warm temperatures all the ice will be gone.  It will be good to see all our water birds back again.

That's about all the news for this morning.  Now I think I'll make a hot cup of coffee and do a bit of blog reading.  Until tomorrow, Y'all have a fantabulous day.

Hugs, Edna B.


Unknown said...

Love your pictures and hopefully the nice spring days will knock out the rest of the ice. Thunderstorms here during the night. Cisco is not a fan, but he did better than he usually does.

I did a quick update on my blog, unfortunately it is not very long. Oh and I sent you an email about the bats and then a second smaller email to finish the first as it would not let me continue.

I think that the rest of the day will be a slow one on my part. I am in need of cleaning up and getting over the weekend but I will see how it goes as I feel pretty bad right now.

Hugs my friend and I will talk to you soon... Beth... Oh... I wanted to say, I am glad that you finished your project. I bet it turned out beautiful....

smiekeltje said...

Thjose "temporary storage rooms"are well-known. We have one too. And every oncce and a while we clear it out a bit, re-organize and that makes a big difference.
But if you will make your computerroom again in order for its purpose that would be great.
Spring time always gives us a bit extra energy and ideas, although they aren't aways easy to finish hahaha.
Gosh, you have still lots of ice in your area!
We too will have a rather nice day today, and with nt really much on my to-do list, I think I will see this afternoon what has to be done in the garden, or may just sit for half an hour or so to enjoy some sunshine.
Have a wonderful day.