Wednesday, April 29, 2015

I'm Not In A Chatty Mood This Morning

April 29, 2015

Good morning.  Today will be a short post because I'm feeling extra tired, and really tired of being sick.  When I finish this post, I think I'll call the doctor back to see what can be done to speed up this healing. 

Crocheting to relax is getting to be a joke.  I put on two rows, then I rip them out to fix the mistakes.  I put back on three rows and do the same all over again.  Last night I put the same three rows on several times, and finally went in the other room to find a different yarn.  Surely, this will help? 

This morning I'm getting cranky, but then I suppose that goes with the feeling yukky.  I have a load of scatter rugs in the washer, and a couple more loads waiting for their turn.  This is all taking a toll on Pogo too.  This morning he had an accident on a couple of the scatter rugs.  Thank goodness for those little scatter rugs!! 

I have a photo to share that really had me upset.  So many of the residents who live by and visit our local park have absolutely no respect for other living creatures.  There are places in the ponds where you can fish, but so many of the folks who are fishing choose to fish in the same spots where the ducks and geese swim and play. 

Note the fishing lines and bobbers in the tree.  When I took this photo, there was a large flock of water birds in the water below the tree.   Gosh, some folks are just plain ignorant.  There are even some parents who bring their kids to the park and let them throw rocks at the water birds.  Hmmm, I wonder who taught them this type of behavior?

See what I mean?  I'm getting crabby.  Time to drink my coffee and make that phone call.  So, till tomorrow, Y'all be safe and have a wonderful day.

Hugs, Edna B.


Andrea @ From The Sol said...

Yes, I agree you need to call your doctor and find out what is going on. You have had this infection for far too long ... maybe they need to change the type of antibiotic. Did they do a culture on you? I would be cranky too if I were sick that long ... and if I saw the fishing line in a place where there is wildlife. And, throwing stones at the birds? ... I think I would step in and tell them to stop and if they don't, report them. That is just the beginning of teaching a child no respect. I am guessing it gets worse as they grow up. The world we live in is pretty scary. Once in awhile you see a bright light, but most of the time I am weighed down with worry about the way things are and the way some people want to take us. So much for democracy! Greed wins ... thanks to our so called "Supreme" Court. Well, you see ... you got me started. You don't want to do that, I assure you. Call your doctor and get rest. If you can't sleep, read a good book that way you don't have to concentrate on your crochet stitch. Have a restful day, Edna and I am going to go do something to get out of my crabbys ... later, love to Pogo and the kitties and Joe. I love Joe, he is just awesome.

Andrea @ From The Sol

Debby said...

You have the right to be crabby. You need to feel better soon. Call the doctor. Hugs

Annesphamily said...

Hang in there lady! You will get well soon. I know that coughing is just awful stuff and you are not the first person to say you have it! Get your eds and feel better soon.