Tuesday, April 14, 2015

A Bit Under The Weather Today

April 14, 2015

Good morning.  It rained a bit a while ago, and now the sun is shining beautifully.  It was in the 50's all night and today should be in the low 60's.   However, we'll be watching the sunshine through the door.  I've had a chill since yesterday, and my throat is a bit scratchy.  I have a bit of a cough, and I think I'm coming down with (or my body is trying to fight off) either a cold or whatever is going around. 

Last evening, I edged around the armholes on the shrug.  Once I get the loose threads worked in, I'll take a photo to share.  Next, I started a new project.  It's a shawl from 1970, and I'm using "Light Raspberry" yarn.   I love this old pattern book, and I've been wanting to make another project from it.  Here's a photo of the of the shawl in the pattern book, and a photo of my new one.  I just love this light raspberry color.

Pogo and I went out yesterday for a while, and we stopped in the park before we headed back home.  It was a beautiful day, but I was feeling a bit chilled so we stayed in the car.  I'm hoping that whatever it is that I've caught doesn't last very long. 

I've put the plants out on the door step, and Pogo has had his breakfast.  Now I'm going to crawl back under my covers and try to warm up.  I'll try to be a bit more chatty tomorrow.  Till then, you stay well and have a super day.

Hugs, Edna B.


Unknown said...

Edna, Your shrug will be beautiful. I use to have one like that when I was about 12 or 13. Mine was blue. I had it for years until one day my mom put it in the washing machine with some other things and it and it tore it up. I had forgotten about it until now.

I am feeling sick still. I hope that you get to feeling better soon and it is nothing serious. I really need to make an appointment today with my doctor. Probably by the time that I get in to see her I will be better.

If I could get my head to stop hurting then that would be half the battle.
Going to lay back down.. Hugs! Beth

Nani said...

I’ve been fighting with my spring allergies lately. I hope whatever bug is messing with you passes quickly, Edna! I love that shawl pattern and the color is beautiful!

smiekeltje said...

Bummers, now that good weather is there you are fighting off a cold or some other bug! Hope you will be feeling better real soon.
Oh, I remember those shrugs from when I was real young. My mother used to make them.
Mama was very good with the knitting and crocheting. She has made me lots of dresses by knitting and some of them really were beautiful.
Stay warm and safe under a fleece blanket or something today, drink some tea with honey to ease your throat and whenever you can take a little sunbath, out of the wind if possible and well tucked in and the bug should disappear quickly.

The Queen Jester said...

Hope you feel better soon - spring is a hard season...so full of hope of new life and such damp cold weather that chills our old bones.

Annesphamily said...

Love that shrug. I saw one in a store recently. I have a coupon that if I spend $40 the coupon will take $20 off so I think I may have to go buy one since I do not have your talent.
I hope you get well soon. Blasted weather makes us sick, we had 70 degrees one day and 30 with snow the next! Enjoy your weekend.