Sunday, April 5, 2015

Happy Easter Sunday

April 5, 2015

Good morning.  Gosh, I was hoping to sleep a little longer this morning, but Pogo woke me up early so that I could help the Easter Bunny with his basket deliveries.   Once that was done, I could sit back and enjoy an Easter morning service on TV.

I remember years ago when I was younger, getting up before sun up on Easter morning to go to an outdoor sunrise service.  Local churches would hold their services in an open field or near the ocean or a pond.  It was truly wonderful.  Nowadays,  this old body doesn't get around as much so I watch the service on TV. 

Friday night, the rains got here, along with thunder and lightning and heavy winds.  By mid morning though, all but a few light winds had stopped and the sun was shining brightly.  It turned out to be a really beautiful day.  Friday night, I had boiled up a large batch of eggs, and yesterday I decorated all of them.

I also finished the Aruba Sea afghan, and was able to start a new project.  This time I'm working on a "simple rectangle shrug."  It's fun to be working on something other than an afghan, but this item requires a lot of counting to make sure I have the correct amount of stitches on each row. 

I also have a photo of my new toy that arrived in the mail a couple of days ago.  It's a set of lenses for my cell phone camera.  It has a telephoto lens, a macro lens, a fisheye lens and a wide angle lens.  There's also a mini tripod, a camera holder and a bag to carry it all in. 

So far, I've only tried the macro lens (hand held) but I'll try it again later using the mini tripod.  It seems my hands are not as steady as they were not so long ago. 

The Easter service is over now and I'm watching a program about the story behind some of our most loved hymns.  It's really quite interesting to learn how some of these magnificent songs came about.

The other day, I took Joe to the bank, and while I was waiting for him (to come out of the bank) I took some photos of a nearby hedge that was filled with little sparrows.  When someone walked too close to the hedge, the tiny birds would disappear into the hedge.  Then one little sparrow would poke its head out to see if all was clear.  After giving a little signal, lots of tiny sparrows started popping out of their hiding places.

Well, that's about all my news for this morning.  I wish you all a Happy Easter.  So, till tomorrow, Y'all have a beautiful day.

Hugs, Edna B.


The Queen Jester said...

I've never heard of lenses and tripod for a cell phone, you sure find some interesting items.
As for the crocheting that needs careful attention and counting...count me out. I'm much better at things that just go on and on with little thought. I guess that says a lot about my mental capabilities and ability to focus.

Angelicastar said...

Happy Easter to you and Pogo. You have such a great eye to capture great photos. That is so cute. I thought about putting a bird feeder in my back yard but I live next door to a nature park and trail and it's no telling what I will see back there. (lol) I am a newbie in the community and so far everyone here seem to go about their own way and mind their own business. So I do the same and the bird feeder might create a problem. Here in Houston and the surburban areas, neighbors don't know each other. I am now in the surburbs of Humble, a little town next door to Houston and behind Bush airport which is our largest airport in the area. I feel like I am in Rome and I shall do what the Romans do. (lol) I am so much like you. Not your age yet, but osteoarthritis has put a hold on my activities. I watched Joel Olsteen service on tv and always do. God doesn't have a particular place for you to serve him. As long as we give him praise he will always accept it anywhere. Have a great rest of the Easter day and give Pogo a nudge for me.

Nani said...

A tripod would definitely help me trying to take pictures with my camera! I do fine with my real camera and very well with my iPad, but with the phone, forget it. I can't manipulate both holding the phone and snapping the button with one hand. I think, the numbness is just way beyond that point.

My ode to tradition at this time of year was lunch. I made my Mom's recipe for Italian Poor Boys. That was a Fridays during Lent dish, but they were so good and the taste is spring and Mom to me. It was definitely a great comfort food lunch and bonus - it's very low in Weight Watcher points too! :)

I thought that shrug you're working on was the same pattern Janet was working on in Florida, so I went back and checked. It's a different shrug, same model on the pattern! hehe Strange that would stick in my memory. I know after I finished my first afghan I enjoyed making a scarf to go with my raincoat. (The winter-lining comes out so it's a winter topcoat too.) I can imagine after as many as you've made a new project is a fresh feeling to work on.

I just love that sparrow-bush! Edna, you just find the coolest things in your neck of the woods! :)

Wishing you, Pogo, the family and the dwarfs a Happy, Happy Easter!

Hugs, Nani

Annesphamily said...

I love that shrug! Just beautiful the color in the photo is lovely too. Happy Easter although the day is getting away from us. Sounds like you and Pogo had a terrific day! Always good to hear about you. We attended the early nine o'clock church service today. Then we visited with Zach and Rebekah while we waited for Jose O'Shea's to open at 11 and had an early Easter lunch. Even the Easter Bunny was there! Hee Hee! Have a beautiful week my friend.

smiekeltje said...

Such a pity Pogo couldn't wait a bit to wake you up. May be you took a little nap later?
Gosh, after that thunder and rain it must have been waonderful to have some sun back.
That new project you are working on looks fun to do.
Funny picture with the sparrows.
Going to do my post now, so you will be updated on our life too LOL.
Have a great day, with lots of sun!