Friday, April 10, 2015

Get Our Your Tissues Before Reading This Post

April 10, 2015

Wait, wait, wait....okay, good afternoon.  I was watching the clock numbers turn over to read 12:00.  I'm a bit late posting today because first I had to write out a batch of checks.  Got to pay the bills, and let's not forget the taxes too!!  

Did you ever get an email that made you cry for the hate and pain that is inflicted on so many of our animals?  Today I got an email from the ASPCA with an article about a teeny tiny puppy named Charlotte.  At less than four months old, Charlotte's owner decided she did not want her anymore so she put the puppy in a trash bag and threw her out the car window by the train tracks (in Staten Island, NY).  This happened last September.

When Charlotte arrived at the ASPCA Animal Hospital, she was in critical condition, and received treatment for a fractured skull, a fractured femur and brain trauma resulting from the blunt-force impact.  Now if this does not make a decent human being cry, then there is definitely something wrong with me!!!

Today, Charlotte has been adopted by a loving family and has been re-named Pip.  She is healing, but slowly.  It will take some time and a lot of love for Pip to heal completely.   Here's a couple of photos of Pip taken by the ASPCA.  Is this tiny baby not precious???

I also have some photos that I took at the park a few days ago while Pogo and I were there in the rain.  This first photo shows the waterfall on one of the ponds.  The second photo shows some trees that are still wearing their yellow leaves.  I thought this was such a pretty contrast against the snow and ice in other parts of the park.  The last photo shows the old look-out tower.  The white splotches on the photo are raindrops on my car's windshield.

Yesterday, I got a good report from my orthopedic doctor.  I'm "holding my own" so that is good.  Sad to say, my doctor may be retiring soon.  He's 72 now, and it's about time for him to slow down his hectic pace a bit.  He's a great doctor and person, and I'll miss him when he finally does retire.

Later when Joe got home from work, we went food shopping.  While we were there I bought some new cookie baking pans.  Now I have no excuse for not baking up a few batches of cinnamon oatmeal cookies.  Oh yum!!  Actually, most of them will be eaten by the dwarfs. 

The news today has not been very good.  They've been showing a lot of videos (on TV) of the devastation from yesterdays tornadoes.  One whole town was pretty much destroyed, with at least one death. 

A few days ago, the newspaper ran an article about a minister who is taking his wife and three young children to a third world country (I forget which one) to help people build structures, etc.  I think it is wonderful that this minister and his church are so devoted to helping people in need. 

However, why travel so far away when there are so many people in towns and cities in this country in dire need because of floods and tornadoes.  So many of these people have absolutely nothing - no clothes, no home, no food, no personal belongings, nothing!!  Why not stay right here and help your fellow citizens?   Does God only count your good deeds if they are done in a foreign country?

Okay, I'll not go on a rant today.  I'm going to use my energy to take a trip to the Post Office to mail off those tax checks.  After all, Uncle Sam needs all the money he can get so that he can support the rest of the world.  Someone needs to put a bug in his ear that "we" could use some of that money to fix our own problems.  (oops, only a teeny weeny rant, my bad.)

Last night, I got out some variegated yarn that matches the green I'm using on the shrug project.  I've decided to finish the shrug using this yarn.   There was too much work already done to unravel the whole thing and start over.  I think it will look okay when it is finished.  Well, at least I hope it does. 

Now, as soon as Pogo decides whether or not he'll eat the hamburger I just made for his lunch, we'll get ready to go do our errands.  So, till Sunday, Y'all have a super weekend.

Hugs, Edna B.


Angelicastar said...

That is terrible for some mean person to do that to a pretty little pip. It touched my heart because she look like my queen. Queen is a long haired chihuana. Don't know if I spelled that right. (lol) My queen and babs is right here in the bed with me. My back pain grew very bad and I had to take some pains meds because of the orthoarthritis that is in my lumbar. I need to have been the one to see that evil doer throw her out, I would have threw her the same way she did pip

seamhead gypsy said...

SERIOUSLY???!!....throwing a live dog out the window of a car? WTF is wrong with some people?. Sick....simply sick..

I read somewhere this evening that 20% of wage earners pay 84% of all the taxes. But please, don't get me started Miss Edna. We filed, and paid our taxes a couple of weeks ago. And I can now say that the government has some more money to waste.... Hope the Red Sox can hold onto this 3-2 lead over the Yankees tonight!

smiekeltje said...

Heartbreaking story about Charlotte, now Pip, but good to read that she found a loving home now.
Why don't people think well about taking in a puppy or kitten, it is a responsability and obviously people don;t realize that enough.
Hmmm, good thing from the minister, but yes in his own country he could do as much as good.
Same things happen here too.
There still is a lot of "hidden"poverty and it shouldn't be, being one of the "rich"countries.
Weather today is much more grey, and I guess less warm than yesterday. Perhaps later in the afternoon we might ee a bit of sunshine.
Have a wonderful weekend, we will try to have one too, okay?

The Queen Jester said...

I don't know how a person can toss a living breathing animal out like trash. But then again, there are some who do this to their own children. Thankfully there are far more good and kind people than those evil ones, it's just that they get more of the publicity.

Debby said...

That little doggy is so sweet. I don't get why people are so mean. Friday night I was online an a story and pictures came up about a boxer looking dog was taken to a kill shelter. She must have just had babies. She was pretty large. She put a paw on her owner like she didn't understand. They just showed his leg. Then the next towo pictures the dog was almost doubled over in sadness. I hope someone has rescued her. Just makes me still cry. How hearless some people can be. I know our Piper was abandoned as well. He was about 4 or 5 months old. He was taken to the animal shelter where they put them down. I'm sure it he was probably a Christmas present they thought they could discard. So sad.
Hugs. I know if we could we would save al the homeless doggies.

Annesphamily said...

Hi Edna, good morning! Have a beautiful SONday and know I love to see your beautiful photos. Pogo's scrapbooking page is precious. I am going to make one for my brother-in-law John with my daughter Noelle. I will share the results when it is complete. You have a beautiful day and I am with you on the minister staying put! I say, which the bible says, take care of your own here and then go out and feed and minister the world! Rant over! Amen and Hallelujah!

Nani said...

I’m so glad that Pip is getting a happy ending with a forever home and family. It’s just sick what some people do. Was that woman who abused her, tried to kill her, found and punished? What kind of wastes of air treat animals or children; the trusting innocents, that way? I read horrible things people do to black cats just because they’re black cats and that they are so hard to find homes for because they are black cats and I look at our sweet Carla and it just breaks my heart.