Sunday, December 14, 2008

Where Does BAA Meet?

December 14, 2008

I stopped at the supermarket this morning on my way home from work. Guess what? They weren't open yet. Rather than sit in the parking lot for half an hour, I just went on home. Maybe tomorrow I'll have better luck.

Well last night at work, while my little lady was sleeping, I did manage to get quite a lot done on my laptop. I've been trying to finish up my share of the January daily downloads for Magickal Scraps. All I have left to do is the previews, tuck them in folders, and zip them up and send them to storage for links. I feel so much better now.

I'll have a new Chanukka kit for you in a few days, and then will come a new Christmas kit. After that, I have to get busy on some new stuff. But first, the dreaded TAXES! I just need to make sure everything is in one place, and all totalled up. Then I can breath easy until it's time to visit my accountant.

I did finish up a new layout with Snow Raven's new kits, "Christmas Glory 1 & 2," and a matching QP for you, which I will post today. The featured photo is this year's homemade Christmas card. It's an annual family production. I get one every year, and they are just adorable. I sure hope you like it.

Poor Tootsie is going into ball withdrawal. Her beloved, dirty, bald, spitty tennis ball has finally split open almost all the way. Just a few more tosses will finish it off. It makes a funny "splat" sound when it hits the floor, and can't really bounce anymore. We have tried other balls, but she doesn't want them.

Uncle Moo got her a new tennis ball, but even that just wasn't the same. I don't know what she will do when the ball finally falls apart into two pieces. I tried rubbing spit from the old ball on to the new ball, but it didn't work. I wonder if there's a "Balls Anonymous" group around here somewhere. (BAA)

I think I should get ready for bed now. I'm getting slaphappy. Tonight's another work night, and then I'm off for a few days. Woo hoo. (I'm getting excited just thinking about it!) Have a great night.

Hugs, Edna B.

"Christmas Glory 1 & 2" kit by Snow Raven

And here's your download link for "Christmas Glory QP - 01"

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