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Saturday, January 4, 2014

This Cold Is Making Me Crabby! (I Would Have Said "Crazy" But Crabby Sounds A Little Better)

January 4, 2014

Good morning.  Know what makes an old lady mad enough to swear?  When she goes outside and can't start her car because it is dead like a door knob.  Yup!   That's me!  My car doors would not open, and when I managed to get inside the car, it would not start.  It did not even make a sound.  Now that's dead! 

It was 8 below zero at three a.m. and I don't think it's a whole lot warmer now.  According to the Weather Channel, it's 5 above zero with a wind chill of -5.  I'll go out and try my car again in a little while.  This is not making me a happy camper.  I have not had to deal with this problem in so many years that I can't remember. 

I called the Hyundai dealership to ask what the problem might be and they suggested that I have my car towed in to their shop.  This is not really acceptable to me because it is a brand new car, and I can't be having it towed to them every time the temps go down to zero.  When I calm down, I will figure out what I will do.

Meanwhile, how about some more of my little birdies.  Ever notice how many different kinds of birds can gather around the same food and all get along together nicely?  Why can't we as humans do this too?

In this last photo, I removed the background the best I could.  I was shooting through the window and their were branches between the window and the bird that got in the way.  This little wren has been coming around the past few days, and I hope he finds a nice warm place to sleep so that he can stay here.

WEATHER ALERT!!!  It is now up to 7 degrees above zero!  Woo Hoo!!  A regular heat wave in the making!!  I've only had a cup of coffee this morning  Honest.  No funny juice yet!!  It's this wicked cold that is making me sound crazy.

Yesterday we had no hot water in the upstairs bathroom.  Actually, there was no water at all coming out of the hot water faucets.  However, by 8 o'clock last night, the hot water was running again.  Now that particular pipe has never frozen in all the years that we have had this house.  This is definitely a strange winter. 

Now I think I will go outside and try my car again.  If it doesn't start this time, well, I don't know.  Maybe I'll just rip out a couple of gray hairs and drink a bottle of my Sam Adams that expired a year and a half ago.  This is definitely not a good way to start the new year. 

So folks, till tomorrow, Y'all be warm and safe, and have a wonderful day.

Hugs, Edna B.


Nani said...

I've been waiting for you to post today make sure your doing okay in the cold. We've been spoiled the last two winters little snow not as cold here but I know you have had snow and now we all have been bitter bitter bitter… did I say bitter, cold. Crazy. (You know I still want my global warming)

Your new car not playing nice in the cold is very bad! You're totally right; NOT acceptable!

The bird pictures are great with the snow and I agree it would be wonderful if we humans could learn from birds. We need to start getting the whole story when they teach us about the birds and bees. Maybe that's what's wrong with the world.

Don't drink too much of the expired Sam, but yeah, I think it's gonna be a schnapps night here. Stay safe and warm, my friend.

Hugs, Nani

Debby said...

I sure hope it started. That would make me mad as well. Is there someone that could jump it for you. That way you would know if it was the battery. I just told my husband that I should have tried to start mine. I haven't driven it for 3 days. My daughter is here and has a rental that she just wrecked. I left the lights on for a few hours a month ago. Then my son did the same thing in my car....THEN my husband left the lights on for a whole night. OMGosh.....the old bug started right up again. I am afraid it won't now. Oh and we left it on Christmas eve. for a couple of hours. What is wrong with us.
Do you like in the apartment in the garage or the main house. That is one big house. So glad that I finally know about the dwarfs.
Be safe and stay warm. xo

smiekeltje said...

Not a nice surprise that your car won;t give a sound!
Perhaps later at day it will do its job?
Oh boy, I saw again on the news that the cold has hit some parts of the US really bad! Already the temps at your place aren;t the best to have, but we sure hope it will not be any colder!
I know you will have to work this evening, but what if your car doesn;t start? But if it does, be careful out on the road!
Crossing fingers for you that all will be over soon again and that temperatures will rise again.
Try to keep calm, dear, LOL!