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Friday, January 3, 2014

It Is Snowing And C-c-c-c-old!

January 3, 2014

Brrrr!  It's a tad bit cold here in my little part of New England.  When I got up a couple of hours ago, it was almost up to 2 degrees F.  Now it is up to 3F degrees with a chill of -16 degrees.  It's supposed to get up to about 14 F degrees later today, and then tonight will go down to around 6F below zero.  Yup, just a tad bit cold!

By yesterday afternoon, we had at least six inches of snow.  Joe went outside and cleared off my car and cleaned up the snow with the snow blower.  A couple hours later, there was already a new blanket of snow covering everything. 

This morning it is still snowing and we have already approximately another foot of snow.  Thank goodness, this is a light fluffy snow.  Even so, it is making it difficult for driving.  Oh yes, there are still lots of "not so bright" folks who do not heed the warnings to stay off the roads, and they will be out there clogging up the roadways making it difficult for snow removal.

People are getting cranky because they don't like being cooped up in the house, and one of the hot water pipes is not working.  Well that sounds about right.  If it were nice out, every one would be out of the house and in very good moods, and the water pipes would be just fine.

I took lots of photos, through the door and the window of course.  Mainly I focused on my little birds around the feeder.  These tiny little souls are so much braver than me.  Here are a few of the photos.

Here's a couple of shots showing what the second layer of snow was looking like here a few hours ago.  I'll get more shots later when  the snow has stopped.

Today is Photo Art Friday at PDPA, and the challenge was to make a photo art containing a word that we've chosen to guide us through the new year.  Well, I missed that part about "a word chosen to guide us through the new year".  However, the word that I did use could definitely make it easier to get through the year.  I chose the word "song".

Now I think I will look for some mischief to get into around here today.  Aside from washing a few dishes and maybe giving the vacuum a little exercise, I think I'll mostly spend the day doing lazy type stuff.  Like reading a book, playing on the computer, etc.  So, till tomorrow, Y'all be safe and have a fabulous day.

Hugs, Edna B.


Andrea said...

Oh Brrrrr ... I hear you. We are having the same kind of freezing weather. The Snow has stopped for the time being, but I think there is more in our near future.

I am going tomorrow to pick up my birds. I will have two this time (rubbing hands ... more pictures). I will have Willie, the Kestrel who is a frequent flyer here, but this time I am bringing a little rufus screech owl too. She is adorable and my family loved it when we had a screech owl here before. And I just love when they hoot at night.

Your bird pictures are exceptional ... all of them. My favorites are the Juncos. Great shots! And, I love that you did PAF and how adorable ... with a song in your heart. At first I thought it was Pogo singing, but I see now that it isn't. I love it!

Need to go. I didn't take Izzi out for Frisbee this morning because it was too cold, but it has warmed up a little and she is ringing the bell, so I need to take her out. It takes me a good ten minutes to get the two of us bundles, so I hope she can hold it , Ha! Stay Warm my friend ...

Andrea @ From The Sol

Nani said...

The number for this storm here is 9; 9 inches by the end yesterday and 9 degrees below zero for an actual wake up temperature. I’m used to you having worse weather than us You still have all totaled more snow, but we have more expected for Sunday too. BRR!

Love, love, love those birdies in the snow! I like your photo art; SONG is a great word having your heart for the year!

BTW, about that corny joke from yesterday, I’m so glad I don’t drive anymore! LOL

Stay inside and keep warm with Pogo just like I am with the Three Wise Cats!

Hugs, Nani

Ida said...

Your piece for PAF is darling. A "song" in one's heart is a very good thing.

All that snow....not so much.
It's a lovely day here today, about 46 out with clear blue skies. We had the bitter cold in November and so far just a small amount of snow.

Your bird shots are awesome. - Stay warm & Happy New Year!

Bonnie said...

It is SO VERY cold here in the NE! Love those shots of birds trying to find enough food to keep their metabolism running on high.

Your image leaves me with a big smile on my face and that 'song in my heart'. Thank you, Edna.

Annesphamily said...

I think these birds forgot to fly to Florida! LOL! We are going to get hammered this weekend! We just got out of a deep freeze although the snow melted quickly. I am recovering from the flu. I thought perhaps death would have been easier. Goodness, I am just grateful to feel about 20 percent right now. It will be a long way to come to feel 100 percent. I have zero energy, so I am behind on everything. Love catching up with you Edna. Happy New Year to you and Pogo!

smiekeltje said...

Brrrr, it looks cold at your part of the world! It always looks so beautiful, that new fallen snow, but that;s the only nice thing about it LOL!
Hopefully you will not be hit completely by the terrible snowstorms!
Your pics of the birds are awesome!
Stay warm and cozy inside, best to do with this kind of weather.

ormbunke said...

Lovely words and thanks for your comments. Ha de gott

Andrea Dawn said...

Love, love, love all the birdies. I don't get the same variety where I live Canada. Your images make my heart sing.

NatureFootstep said...

SONG is a great word Edna! Let it fill your heart!