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Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Greetings From Miss Woozy Floozy

January 14, 2014

Good morning.  Did you ever think that feeling woozy could be good?  Well, it can if you're curled up in a flannel blanket in an oversized lounge chair and watching TV.  And it wasn't really woozy, but almost woozy.  And it was the Weather Channel so it didn't really matter if you couldn't follow along.  But it did feel good that most of the coughing was gone for a while. 

All this heavenly bliss was from a bottle of prescription cough medicine.  I had to sign away one of my legs and my next first born to get this "less than 2/3's filled bottle of medicine, and they only charged me $61 USD.  Can you imagine?  This was highway robbery, but I paid it in order to get some relief from the coughing.

I hate to say this, but our health insurance plans may be a contributing factor why some people buy drugs on the streets.  They are cheaper and easier to get.   No, I'm not doing it, but I can understand why some folks do.  I could go off on a tangent about the cost of our drugs, but I'll be nice today and move on.

Yesterday afternoon my daughter Deanne drove me to my doctor appointment.  When we left and were on our way to pick up her daughter at school, I noticed a gorgeous big round moon in the afternoon blue sky.  When we got to a red traffic light, Deanne took some photos with her cell phone and sent them to me.  Isn't this a pretty moon?

Right now, I'm watching the QVC shopping channel.  They are featuring garden plants from "Cottage Farms".   Some of these plants are just so gorgeous!!   Oh wow, I am soooooo tempted!  There are a couple of spots in my yard that are just waiting for some colorful plants.  There is even have a new butterfly bush that only grows about three feet tall.  It can be planted and grown in large pots, making it perfect for small gardens.  Hmmmmm, I'll have to give this one some thought.

Well, my coffee is gone so I think I'll get started on my laundry.  Who knows?  I may even make nice nice with the vacuum.  Woo Hoo!  So, till tomorrow, Y'all be safe and have a fabulous day.

Hugs, Edna B.


Nani said...

Woozy but not coughing is good! But $61 and that’s with insurance? (shakes my head) That’s why I refer to us as a “second world country.” I love my birthplace and that’s why I want to see it fixed, but FIRST World Countries ensure real health care for everyone. In those FWCs health is considered a right. Because you know, healthy people can hold a job, don’t get other people sick etc…Not that those things have any effect on the economy or general quality of life or anything…Oh, wait… humph.

See you don’t have to get on the band box, just move it out there and it will get someone on it. ;)

I love it when the season/lunar cycle lets us see the moon during the day. I remember thinking how cool that was when I was a kid and I still think it’s neat.

One word of warning for you; don’t buy things off TV when you’re on drugs! If it was just cocaine or something it wouldn’t concern me, but cough medicine from the high-priced pushers is serious stuff! (hehe) I’d like to start thinking about some summer/fall perennials. “Cottage Farms,” huh?

My coffee is empty now too and I have some phone calls to make. Keep up the happy woozy cough-frees!

Hugs, Nani

Andrea @ From The Sol said...

You need to leave the vacuum alone. You are just beginning to feel better, but your body needs more time ... it's the codeine talking now. Rest, my dear ... last thing you want is a relapse.

Like you I am a sucker for garden plants ... I love Butterfly bushes. I planted a new one last summer and it was beautiful. I hope it makes it through this cold winter. I am getting the seed catalogs in the mail already. Great reading material and they don't send the plants until it is time to plent them. Like you, I am very tempted. My problem is that I have planted mostly perennials so I don't have room for anything unless something dies ... oh my.

I love the daytime moon ... it is always so subtle and you could really miss it if you weren't a sky gazer like you are. I am always looking up for the hawks so I see it often. Cool picture.

I am off to run the errands that I was supposed to run yesterday and never seemed to get around to it ... another lost day, I guess. You rest, my friend, and take care of yourself first ... the dustbunnies can wait.

Andrea @ From The Sol

The Queen Jester said...

I hate that kind of coughing - it actually hurts all over when you get sore from it. I hope the expensive meds would be a shame to shell out those kind of bucks without some result.

Debby said...

So glad that you had some relief from the coughing. I shouldnt say this, but isn't that feeling of drifting off a good feeling. I don't want to come off as Michael Jackson.
I agree that you need to sit back down on the couch. I'm sure that vacuum can wait. Rest and feel better.
It stinks how much medicine costs. I take three now that the co=pay is over $60. When I switch to medicare someday I will have to quit those.

aquascrap said...

Good to hear that you aren't coughing as much but blimey your medication was sure expensive.

Over here the government subsidises most of our medicine....the maximum we pay is around $34.00 and pensioners pay $5.80. If it's not on the Pharmaceutical Health Benefits List then it gets expensive but once you reach a certain limit of spending within a calendar year you get it for free for the remainder of the year.

We are melting they have forecast 45C but whether it will get there time will tell. At the moment it is overcast (leftover from yesterday) so it doesn't feel as hot.

You enjoy your day coughing free but don't overdo still need to rest!

Judy xx

smiekeltje said...

So good you are coughin much less with the new med.
But holy ......., it's expensive!!!!
Isn't it on the list at helathcare insurance???
We have such a list here too( almost impossible to know what meds are on it) and then they are mostly payed by the insurance. But we also have a yearly Own risk,and till we reach that limit we also have to pay parts of our medication. Very uncomplrehensible and not really traceble rule.
Still, glad that the medicaion does it work, would be a shame to pay so much and that it had no effect!!
I agreaa with the others, leave the vacuum alone for a day or two more, first you will have to get lots better, don;t waist your energy on vacuum cleaning and such thing.
Your body needs it, and you should listen to it!!!
Stay a bit woozy for another day, take a lot of rest and naps, and dream about all the new plants you could plant in Spring LOL!