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Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Baskets Full Of Goodies

April 2, 2013

Good morning.  Well, did any of you play some good  April Fool's Day tricks?  Sad to say, I did not.  I can't remember ever being able to pull off a good joke on April Fool's Day.  I am not a good liar, so if I try to fool someone my face gives me away.  But I love hearing about other folks' tricks.

Yesterday I made some breakfast for myself and Pogo, and then it was nap time for a few hours.  In the afternoon, Janet came by with a huge Easter Basket for me and another huge basket full of home made cookies.  Yum, yum, yum! 

Of course, I will be sharing most of the cookies with Joe and Dee and Eddie.  When they smell a cookie, they line up right outside my door.  Just fooling, but I do give them most of the cookies.  Imagine how round I would be if I kept them all for myself!   (It's not so easy to give away all those chocolate goodies in the Easter Basket.  But I shall try to share some of them too.)

It's a new month, and I forgot to post my April calendar page yesterday.  So here it is.

Yesterday afternoon, the sky got quite gray, and then the lightning started.  Next came the rain.  Oh boy!  Did it ever rain!  After a while, it all slowed down to a slow drizzle.  Fortunately, the rain and the earlier warm temps got rid of most of the snow that was still piled up all around my yard.  There is still one big pile about three feet high, but I don't think it will be around much longer.

I have some great cloud photos to share with you.  Last Saturday morning while Pogo and I were out doing errands, I noticed that the sky was full of these fabulous huge clouds.  So, I went home and got my camera.  I got so many pretty photos, and here are just a few of them.

Last night, Joe cooked us a great supper.  Chicken, stuffing, and mixed vegetables in cheese sauce.  Mmmm, mmmmm.  Tonight, it will be my turn to make a nice supper.  I'm not sure yet what we will have, but I do know that we will have baked potatoes with it.

Now it's time for me to get busy here.  There is laundry waiting to be done, and it looks as though the dust bunnies have multiplied while I wasn't looking.  So, till tomorrow, Y'all have a wonderful day.

Hugs, Edna B.


Nani said...

No April Fools for me. I’ve never been much of a prankster and I guess I’m a bit conservative when it comes to what pranks are funny. I hate America’s Funniest Home Videos and I’m told it’s a very funny show and I have no sense of humor because I don’t like most of the videos. –shrugs-

I’m being a good girl today after bunny ears, jelly beans and chocolate eggs Sunday. Still, cookies sound sooo tempting, especially homemade ones! I understand how sharing the cookies is easy…but I could understand how keeping them and eating them all would be easy too!

I actually changed my calendar page before you reminded me on your blog this month!

I like your cloud photos! I hear David grumble about the clouds messing up th light for photos, but I’ve found some pretty cool shapes looking at clouds. Clouds are where my inner child thrives!

Enjoy whatever goes with baked potatoes!

Hugs, Nani

The Queen Jester said...

Thank you for the calendar reminder, it's so easy to loose track of what day it is and what month as well. I'm not sure where the time goes, but it's flying by way too quickly!

smiekeltje said...

Yammie, the presents of Janet sounds good.
It's sweet of you to share its content.
Lots of rain isn;t always nice, but perhaps that will really get rid of the winter weather. We are still waiting for higher temps.
Have a great day