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Monday, February 18, 2013

Yeah! It's Not Snowing And The Wind Has Died Down!

February18, 2013

Good morning.  It's not quite daylight here and the Mrs is still asleep, so I thought I would pop in while I could.  It's not snowing this morning.  Yesterday however, it was, and I went out to the door to take a photo.   I used a flash to make the photo a bit brighter.  Actually, I think it's a rather pretty picture.

Driving home yesterday morning was really scary.  The roads were slippery, with ice hidden beneath the snow, and the visibility was pretty bad.  I drove all the way home at 20 miles per hour.   Coming back to work last night was just as scary in it's own way.  Aside from the slippery roads, the wind was blowing up a storm.  At times, it would blow the snow sideways across the windshield of the car, and then you couldn't see anything at all.  Add that to the car doing a slip and slide dance, I was pretty happy to arrive at my job all in one piece.

Su and I got to sit and have a really nice chat (on Skype), and the Mrs was in a good mood, so it was a pretty good night.   I even came up with a theme and colors for next month's collab kit.  And no, I'm not giving out any hints. 

Su sent me her preview for "A Rose Is A Rose Is A Rose" and my oh my, this really is such a pretty kit if I must say so myself.  This one made us both quite happy, and I hope it does the same for you.  Here's my preview:

And here are your download links:



Later this morning, do stop in at Su's site and say "Hello" while you pick up her two parts.  Here is a peek at her preview.

Just eight and a half more hours till it's time to go home.  I'm missing Pogo.  That's the hard part of doing the longer shifts.  I miss my little guy, and I know that he is going to listen all day for every car until he hears my car pull into the yard.  Ah well, now I'm babbling.  It's time for me to get busy here.  Till tomorrow, Y'all have a wonderful day.

Hugs, Edna B.


Nani said...

Snow is just awful for driving! Edna, do BE CAREFUL!

I love the kit this month! Thank you and Su for your great, and generous, work! I'll be back in a bit to download and to visit Su.

I know what you mean about missing Pogo on the long days. When David and I travel we talk about our kids constantly. Cats are pretty good at being alone in the house and they also have a great cat-sitter in their "Gramma," our friend who visits with her grandson when we're gone and calls them her grandcats, but by the end of a vacation our #1 comment is "I miss the kids." The greatest sight when we get home is all of them waiting near the door, as I can imagine it is to see Pogo waiting when you get home too. Isn't it great how our pets enrich our days?? :)

Now, I'm going to actually post on my own blog! 'Magine that!

Hugs, Nani

Andrea said...

You are really getting the snow. We haven't had snow, but it has be in the low teens for several days. The ice in my back yard keeps getting harder and harder to play on. I think Izzi's muscles are sore just from trying to run on it. We spend most of our time in the corners of the yard where there is still snow that behaves like snow.

Izzi has been under the weather. She had an allergic reaction to something last Thursday ... late at night (Thankfully my husband was still up). Her little face and lips were all swollen and she could hardly see out of her eyes. I quickly gave her a benadryl, then watched her for awhile to make sure the swelling wasn't going into her throat. The next morning she was still swollen, so I gave her another Benadryl and by noon it had resolved. She has been a little off ever since. She is antsy and wants to find cool places to sleep. She is also losing hair. She is waking up at night and ringing the bell to go out, which she never does. We could never find anything that she could have eaten so we have no idea what happened. I was thinking maybe a spider bite. But, if she isn't back to her old self by tomorrow, I will call the Vet and get his opinion.

I worked hard on my MOM picture yesterday, then my photoshop froze and ate it. I am really PO'd. I will start over on it, but will probably not post it until next week. Hiss and Spit! as you so aptly put it:)

I am starting to plan my trip to Nebraska. The International Crane Foundation is sponsoring a weekend to Platte River where the Sandhill Crane stop on their migration. They are expecting over 500,000 cranes plus 185 other water species that travel with them. We will also be taking a trip up north of Platte to witness ithe "booming" display of the Sharp-tailed Grouse. This trip has been on my bucket list for years so when I got the brochure from them I couldn't pass it up. Had to dip into savings to go, but I may never get a chance like this again and the founder of the International Crane Foundation will be our Guide ... how cool is that!
So as I looked into it, it seems that a flight to Kearney, Nebraska costs more that a flight to Denver, Colorado, so my travel companion and I decided we will drive out ... it is a twelve hour drive from here, so that is six hours each ... not too bad. Anyway, that is why I have been away for a few days. I have read and caught up on everything though. Sorry you have to work 20 hours, but glad you will have more of your weekend to enjoy. You and Pogo have become quite the pair ...

Need to go do some work on my PAF then I need to do some dust busting around here. Not what I prefer, but then we all have to pay our way somehow. You have a great day, Edna and get a good nap.

Andrea @ From The Sol

The Queen Jester said...

You captured the snow beautifully - at first I thought it had been photoshopped, but I forget actually take GOOD photos that don't need the extra computer work.

smiekeltje said...

Pretty photo! But I am glad you arrived safely at work and home with that slippery weather.
I am very happy we got rid of it here.
And really hoping it's not coming back anymore. Had enough of snow and ice!
Have a great day with Pogo.