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Saturday, February 9, 2013

Second Post - With Photos

February 9, 2013

I'm back again with a few photos of what it looks like out in my yard.  Let me explain why the photos are not so good.  I can only open one door, and that (covered) porch has almost a foot of snow on it.  So all my photos are taken through storm windows with snow and ice covered screens or the plexiglass (also covered with snow and ice) on the front storm door. 

The door to my part of the house can't be opened yet because of the three and a half foot snow drift on the door step.   Plus the rose bush by the door is completely weighted down with more than a foot of snow on it.

When Joe goes outside, he'll try to measure how deep the snow is, but there is at least two feet.  We have enough snow to build a whole army of snow people!  Enough babble, here are some photos.

 This first photo is taken through the plexiglass storm door.  There is so much snow that my little birds can't find their food and are coming to the porch hoping that we will come out to the porch with some food. This little bird is sitting on the top front step.   I put some bird seed in a large flat pan and Joe put it out next to where this little Junco is sitting.

This next photo is a shot of my car, taken through my storm and inside doors.  Note the large lumps in the foreground.  That's the rose bush outside my door.

This next shot is taken through a screened window and storm door.  The large lumps in the background are some of the dwarfs' cars.  Me thinks they will be busy later this morning digging their cars out.

The snow is still coming down, and the wind is howling like there's no tomorrow.  Hopefully by tomorrow morning, the snow and wind will be gone.  On TV, they are saying that Milford, Connecticut got 38 inches of snow so far.  There are 650,000 customers without power, including the whole city of Quincy, Massachusetts.  (Quincy is only a few miles from here.)
Okay, that's it for today.  God willing, I'll be back tomorrow.  Till then, be safe and Y'all have a fabulous day.
Hugs, Edna B.


seamhead gypsy said...

Edna....stay safe and warm. My wife and I both love the Boston & sorrounding area and often wished we could live there. But I'm glad we don't this weekend. And we lived in Bedford, NH for a couple of years. But I'm glad we don't this weekend. Again, stay warm & safe.

The Queen Jester said...

Thank G-d for wheels and the ability to leave the snowy land for palm trees and sand. The desert is looking better and better. Maybe that's what they mean when they talk about the "beauty" of the desert!

Andrea said...

Well, your pictures say it all ... but, the best part is that you and Pogo and the Dwarfs are all safe and warm. I'll keep my fingers crossed that you don't lose your power at any point. I am guessing you won't be getting out for a day or two ... what does the Mrs. do when things like this happen. Has someone been snowed in with her? I hope so, and I hope it is someone who can deal with it. That would be a long haul.

The news makes it sound horrible out there, but if you don't lose your power it is probably tolerable as well as beautiful (when you can look out the window from your cozy warm house).

We have a lot of snow, but now they are telling us it is going to warm up and by tomorrow it will be raining ... rain, ugh! Leave me with my snow at least long enough to enjoy it. Izzi will be very disappointed ... she just loves leaping around in the snow and it is good for her because she needs to lose a few pounds.

Izzi's agility classes are getting harder and harder as we move up in levels. Izzi has no problem, but this old fart can't remember things from one minute to the next. We end up having to run through it over and over which is good because my best mode of learning, at this point, is tactile, but poor Izzi can't figure out what she is doing wrong and gets confused. Of course she is doing exactly what I have cued her to do ... which is the wrong thing ... Argh. Hopefully, I will get over this hump.

I need to go down and whip up some lunch ... everyone is hungry and letting me know it. Stay safe and warm and if you get cold, think desert, as The Queen said.

Andrea @ From The Sol

smiekeltje said...

Oh boy that is a lot of snow!
Happy to hear you all are safe and warm.
Not too much to do now, then wait till it's over and then digg out the cars and get rid of the snow heaps somehow.
Hopefully you will have no power loss and no harm will be done to your house and garden by the wieght of the snow.