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Monday, February 25, 2013

Promises Of Spring

February 25, 2013

Well, it snowed most of yesterday and last night, but at least it did not amount to more than two or three inches.  Of course, it meant that I had to go out early this morning (I was at work) and clean the snow off my car.  This was a wet sticky snow, great for building snowmen if you so desired.

When I got to work last night, I took this photo of a Rhododendron bud covered with snow flakes.  I thought it was rather interesting.  It sort of looks like a little old lady with curly white hair and she's wearing her fuzzy white shawl.  (Honest, I'm only drinking coffee!)

I also have a photo of Pogo that I just have to share.  I took this a couple of days ago.  Pogo likes to sit on the sofa with me when I am playing on my laptop, so I brought his bowl of food up onto the sofa too.  He had his fill and then snuggled in to his blanket for a nap.  I just had to take this photo of him.  He is just  the sweetest little guy!

I have one more photo to share this morning.  I took this photo for the raindrops, but then I noticed the surprise.  Can you see it?

Did you notice the new sprout?  Oh yeah, Spring is definitely on its way!!  I know that the folks in Colorado won't agree with me.  Winter storm Rocky has been raising the dickens out there.  Also in Texas, Oklahoma and Kansas, Rocky has been (and still is) dumping tons and tons of snow.

Gosh, I almost feel guilty telling you that the sun is shining here, and nothing is falling from the sky.  But it does feel good!!  Now if the snow can just hold off till after this weekend so that my flight does not get cancelled. 

This morning I have the last two parts of "A Rose Is A Rose Is A Rose".   I hope you can enjoy this kit because we certainly had fun making it. 

Here are your download links:



Here's another peek at Su's preview.  Don't forget to stop by her blog later this morning and pick up her last two parts.  While you're there, take a moment to say hello. 

Wow, I'm watching the Weather Channel, and they are showing video of Mount Etna in Sicily, Italy, which is erupting.   I must say that it truly is a wondrous sight.  The colors are simply glorious, orange, yellow and red. 

 Well, I've probably chewed the corner of your ear off by now.  I think maybe I'll have me a little nap.  Later I have to go out and do a couple of errands.  So till tomorrow, Y'all have a fabulous day.

Hugs, Edna B.


suruha said...

Good morning! I have something for you!

Click HERE



The Queen Jester said...

And I thought it was just me due to my dollmaking past,I immediately saw an old woman in a fluffy white hat and shawl also.

Cute pic of Pogo sleeping on the couch, dreaming puppy dreams.

Mat's Merry Memoirs said...

such lovely things from you the last 3 days. I didn't even turn my computer on yesterday, forced myself to take a day off it for my shoulders to relax some.
Watched the races and then the Oscars. Now today trying to catch up with friends!
Vacation is just around the corner, huh? Hope you get off with no hitches! Love the photo of cutie patootie Pogo! Aren't they so cute when they are happy and sleeping beside you? My "girls" took turns lying in my lap on on the sofa with me yesterday! LOL!
We only got a few showers from this storm, but the wind is really picking up and beginning to howl out there now, but the sun is shining, not too warm though has dropped back into the upper 40's after reaching 70 again yesterday! Trees are budding they are so confused, hope we don't get a freeze to stunt them!
Thanks for the final parts of the lovely kit. Off to see if Su has here's up yet! Have a great week!
Hugs, Mat

Andrea said...

Pogo is exceptional ... he looks as sweet when he is awake as he does when he is asleep. Now, I will leave it to you to decide if he really is all sweetness when he is awake. My Diva Devil Child looks really sweet when she is sleeping, but it ends there. I guess we wouldn't be normal if we didn't have a little orneriness in us.

It's that artistic eye that allows us to see the old lady in the white coat. I am guessing my husband would look at it ten different ways and say "I don't see it!" We are lucky to have little faces and things looking at us from everywhere. Makes life interesting, right?

We are in the path of the Rocky Mountain storm. Scheduled to get 8 inches of snow tomorrow. Just when I was starting to think spring ... I even heard a Sandhill Crane calling this morning. Oh well, spring has to get here sooner or later. I hope the storm burns out before it reaches you. Or maybe it will come and go before you need to fly out ... fingers crossed!

I went with my friend to our local book store/coffee shop this morning. She just published two books so she took them to the book store to see if they would put them out. Of course they will, it is a boon to their business to support local artists. We had a good cup of coffee and a nice chat and then went to run some errands.

Well, I think I had better go rearrange some appointments that are supposed to happen tomorrow. I am not big on driving downtown when there is a snow storm coming. Hope the rest of your day goes well ... Be well, Edna ...

Andrea @ From The Sol

smiekeltje said...

What a sweet photo of Pogo. It makes you feel warm and happy whe a pet seems to be so at ease and comfortable.
When I saw the picture on my blogreading list I thought you had a new doll LOL!
So your idea isn't funny at all!
Have a lovely day.