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Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Today Is "Go to The Polls And Vote" Day

November 2, 2010
Good morning. It's gray and cool here in our little spot in New England. Tootsie and I just got back from her morning chemo appointment. One down, three more to go. On our way home this morning, we stopped at the voting polls to put in our two cents worth. Sometimes I wonder if my tiny little vote counts. Who knows?
Gosh, it is so quiet here. I have a couple of empty rooms, which I hope to fill soon. With Moo gone, I'm missing the chatter and daily visits and all of his little fun filled shopping sprees. I know, it will take time to get used to all the changes here. Somehow, it's just so different now. Even Miss Tootsie is having a bit of difficulty adjusting to the new changes in her routine.
Slowly, I am trying to get back into the mood for designing and photography. My heart's not quite in it, but I am working on that. I need to start on Christmas kits soon. And I need to start thinking about planning and cooking a Thanksgiving dinner. First I will have to find out which of the dwarfs will be at home here for dinner that day. One of the guys has offered to cook the turkey before he leaves to join his own family celebration. That leaves me with just the veggies to cook. I can do this.
Late in the summer, I had planted a Chicago Peace rose in my little garden. Last week it blossomed, and oh what a beauty. It's colors are just so delicate and soft. Maybe next Spring, I will plant another rose out there. I do have a couple of photos of my beautiful rose to share.

Today, I will make another attempt to return Moo's license plates from his van. I stopped at the insurance office this morning, but they were not open yet. Plus, I have to go pay the bill for Howie's storage and find out what is there that needs to be kept in storage. After that, it's time to start packing up Moo's clothes and other things. It's just not a chore I'm looking forward to.
I hope you all were able to pick up all the fantastic goodies on the blog train. If not, the links will be up until at least the 15th of the month. Happy downloading! Now I really must get busy here. Till tomorrow, Y'all have a marvelous day.
Hugs, Edna B.


Nani said...

Sending a hug, Edna! It will get a little easier, but at first, it’s going to be strange and - new without Moo there. When my Mom passed, Azzie made me cry so often because she’d just sit in front of the recliner Mom always sat in and stared, almost as if Mom was there and talking to her I think I was jealous because she was talking to the cat and not me

As time goes on, you’ll have moments you miss him, but eventually you’ll have more happy memories than those moments. Just for now, the uncomfortable different is at home, so there’s nowhere to run from it. You’ll get your creativity back soon with a vengeance as you create the new norm.

Oh, and the rose is beautiful!


smiekeltje said...

Just as Nani said Edna, it will get easier to adjust to the changed situation, but for now it's still tough, I know.
I would have hoped you had someone to help you with the task you are taking upon you today, sorting out Moo's belongings.
But I think it will be best to do it now. Have strentgth, sweet lady, and it's okay to shed a tear or two, no one will blame you! Thinking of you extra today!
And yes, creativity will come back, and it will be a good thing to have.
P.S. The rose is absolutely beautiful!