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Saturday, July 31, 2010

Gorgeous New DD Kit Coming Your Way

July 31, 2010
It's a fabulous morning here in New England. Just seems a shame that we have to say goodbye to July tonight. I went outside earlier to get my newspaper and to fill the bird feeder. It felt so good to be out there and not swelter from the heat and humidity. It might get worse later, but I'm thankful for this lovely break this morning.

Have you noticed the new slideshow yet? I have just put up the August Daily Download slideshow. What a fantastic kit this one is. And you have Miss Kyra to thank for the title logo and those gorgeous colors. This will still be posted every day in the regular Magickal Scraps forum. I'll let you know at a later date when we are going to be switching things over to the new forum.

How about some neat photos? Yesterday I had a wonderful opportunity to photograph an elusive little hummingbird. I have been trying so long to photograph one of these, but it's not so easy. First, you have to find one. Then you have to have your camera handy. Next you have to be very quick because they don't exactly pose for you. These are my best shots to date. One of these days, I'm going to get a really fantastic one. (I can dream, can't I?)

I can't decide which of these photos to post here, so I'll just post all six of them. You don't mind that, do you? I am just so tickled with them, I have to share them with you.

You know, the way I got these photos was that I thought I was looking at a dragonfly, and grabbed my camera and ran out to try to photograph it. Imagine my surprise to find that it was a tiny hummingbird instead. Thanks to God for fantastic surprises!!!
Now I think I will make myself another cup of coffee. I also got some great shots of a butterfly moth yesterday, but I'll save them for tomorrow. Till then, Y'all have a magnificent day.
Hugs, Edna B.


Snowraven aka Silke said...

OMG -these pics are fantastic!!! We don't have hummingbirds here so the only way I see them is on pictures or sometimes they have them in the zoos in a bird area here.I really have to move over and get myself a decent camera ,lol. Right - just came home from work and now will get naked & wet,make the windows steam- lol- I'm having a bath.Hugs Snowy

Kyra said...

Those pics are gorgeous!!! I think I like the second one best, but to be true it's very hard to decide.
Sometimes nature has some lovely surprises for us, isn't it?