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Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Lovely Weather For The Last Day Of June

June 30, 2010
Good morning everybody. It's early so it's really quite comfortable outdoors. The weatherman is forecasting a few days of really nice temperatures in the 70's before returning to the 90's. I for one would love a few pleasant days.

This morning, we have Miss Tootsie's third chemo treatment, and later this afternoon we will go back and finish this month's round of chemo. So far she is doing good with the change in her meds. Except, of course, for her picky appetite. Some days she eats her food, and other days she just takes a lick and walks away from it.

Where to start? My doctor appointment was a follow up to make sure my foot has healed okay, and to find out why my shoulder has been hurting since that fall back in February. (when I broke my foot) It seems that I have arthritis and bursitis in my shoulder and the fall most likely agitated it and made it all inflamed.

This has limited my use of this arm quite a bit. Some times I have to pick it up with my other hand in order to get it going. Other times, it works okay but with a lot of discomfort. So of course, my doctor had a plan to help lessen the pain. Yup, yup!!! A cortisone shot into the shoulder. Oh goodie goodie. Just what I wanted.

I am a real big baby when it comes to shots and needles in general. I HATE them. This has a plus side though. There is no fear of me ever becoming a junkie. I don't like pills either, but I will take the ones I have to. (provided they are not very big. lol) So, we will see what happens now.

As for Moo, well he has more tests coming up. Not exactly pleasant, but necessary. This big C stuff does not play fair, but my brother, God bless him, keeps on fighting back and hanging in there. He even flirts with the nurses when he goes for his appointments. Yup, that's my brother!

Today's photos starts with one of Janet's photos. This is one of her gorgeous hollyhocks. I remember sitting for hours on end when I was a little girl, and making dolly clothes with hollyhock blossoms. They made beautiful gowns!

This next photo was taken at work through the kitchen window. The lovely cardinal had spotted me, I think, but I was able to get this photo of him before he flew off.
Before I leave you to start my day, have a look at the new slideshow at the top of this post. I have put up the new July kit, "Fireworks." It's an awesome kit so do drop by the forum at Magickal Scraps every day to pick up all the parts.
Also, don't forget! Tomorrow the new "Freedom of Expression" blog train starts, and I will post all of the links here for you. Till tomorrow, Y'all have a magnificent day.
Hugs, Edna B.

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