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Thursday, June 3, 2010

Happy Birthday Jessyca

June 3, 2010,
There is a light breeze this morning, but it's looking simply beautiful outside my window. I haven't been out there yet, as Miss Tootsie and I slept rather late this morning. Boy, did that ever feel good!!

Sometime today, I would like to get out and do a bit of shopping. I need to pick up some more stuff to get rid of ants. Those ants are everywhere, and I don't like bugs. (except for ladybugs) I've managed to find a couple of them in my house, and that has to stop. I watched a commercial on television that says their product is supposed to keep these pesky critters from coming into the house, so today I want to get some of it.

And of course, there are birthdays and such that I have to shop for. These past few years, I have managed to be late with just about everybody's birthday and anniversary. Mr B and I were a team. He would do the remembering, and I would do the shopping. So now my rememberer isn't quite as sharp, but eventually I do get there.

Today is my granddaughter Jessyca's birthday. She is seventeen, very beautiful, and extremely talented. Happy Birthday Jessyca. May all your hopes and dreams come true.

Yesterday morning when Tootsie and I got home, there were a couple of woodpeckers on one of the feeders. I took a few photos through the car window. Here's a photo of one of them busy having a feast on a birdie snack.

After a minute or so, he finally spotted me through the car window, and flew away, but I managed to capture this neat photo.

Now I really must get going here. Janet is on her way over to go shopping with me, and I think maybe I should put on some regular clothing. Shopkeepers here are not so keen on the shoppers coming in wearing nighties and pj's.
Moo brought me home a new tee shirt and a wonderful fleece jacket, but today it is too warm to wear the jacket. Maybe the tee shirt? We'll see. On the front of it, it says "Bite Me!" lol.
So that's it for this morning. Till tomorrow, Y'all have a really great day.
Hugs, Edna B.


Snowraven aka Silke said...

Lol- that "BITE ME "T-shirt is the one Erik told me about. Makes me wonder if he got me that one as well- would fit I suppose for a "Fangbanger" like me,lol. Those pics are fab again, a cute bird !
Hugs Snowy

Anonymous said...