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Thursday, June 17, 2010

A Day Of Reckoning

June 17, 2010
Tis a lovely cool morning here. Not really cool, but cooler. The sun isn't out at the moment, and it's not raining yet. All in good time I suppose. This week, I got a reality shock. You know, when your babies grow up and start raising families of their own, you don't feel older, just better. When you first become a grandparent, you're so happy that you don't even feel the tiny twinge of age creeping in.

As your little ones start having birthdays with the meaningful big "O's" on the end, you start feeling as though maybe you're getting older. But then comes the day of reckoning. That gorgeous little bundle of perfection that arrived so many many years ago, called "Grandson," has just had one of those "Big O" birthdays. Our Bob-O-Link has turned 30. (Lordy, he'll kill me for that! That was Papa's pet name for him.)

On top of that, the great grandchildren have already reached the grammar school stage. Guess what girlie? You have just entered the onset of "Olderhood." You are getting familiar with things like joint pain relievers, stool softeners, vitamins for the "Silver Set," forgetfulness, and moving slower.

Don 't get me wrong, I am not complaining. Just wondering how all those years got by me so quickly. The wrinkles and the gray hair came along so gradually that I never really paid much attention. The funny thing though, is that I'm really looking forward to watching those great grandkids grow up. I want to be here to see the great great grandbabies. At that point, how much more awesome can life get?

I have a set of photos for you today. Actually, I've put them all together. On my way home from work last Monday, I was sitting at an intersection when I noticed a large bird circling in the sky across the way. I grabbed my camera and got a few shots. I believe it was a hawk, but it was so far away. The photos almost look like silhouettes, which is why I put them all on one sheet. You can almost see the color in a couple of the shots. This bird was brown, and oh so graceful. Hope hope you like it.

Well, that's all for today. It's coming on time to make lunch for my little girl and me. Till tomorrow, Y'all have a marvelous day.
Hugs, Edna B.


Anonymous said...

I now understand what my grandparents were talking about when they said how time goes faster the older you get!

Love you series of bird photos. Great catch.

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