Monday, May 13, 2019

What Has Happened To Spring?

May 13, 2019

Good morning.  Today is already looking a bit nicer, weather wise, than yesterday.  The temperature right now is in the upper forties with the sun trying to peek out now and then.  Later today we should make it up into the low fifties for a little while before the temps drop again.

The next time we're supposed to see the sun will be Friday, and then it will turn back to rain.  This is according to the weather app on my phone.  Of course, this could change.  And I hope it does!  What in the world has happened to our Spring?

I watched the weather forecast on the TV earlier this morning, and the weather is rather horrible all around the country.  It seems like the bad storms never go away.  They just keep moving all around the country, and it seems as though they are becoming the norm.  If all this flooding keeps up, how will be able to grow crops?  Keep animals on farms?  How will this change our way of life if we know that our home and all our belongings can be destroyed at any time without warning?

Enough already.  On to the good stuff.  Folks, the show at the Cabaret yesterday was such fun.  And dinner was yummy too.  I always order the prime rib dinner.  At the end of the first half of the show, the Starliners presented a gift to Paris (the owner) and then she sang the last number with them. 

During the intermission dessert was served.  Beverage and strawberry cheesecake.  During this time, Paris introduced one of the patrons to the rest of us.  The lady was celebrating her 100th birthday.  Wowsie!  After that, we played a bit of musical trivia. 

At these musical reviews, the first half of the show is usually all different Broadway tunes, and the second half is the advertised special.  Last night it was Disco.  We took some videos, and I'm hoping to upload some of them to FaceBook later today.  For those of you who don't know, I'm Franny Loud on FaceBook.  If you're not a friend, click on it and I'll friend you so that you can see the videos. 

After the show, several folks came over to us to tell us they thought our Jazzy was awesome.  Were we beaming?  You betcha!  You know, when Jazzy moves on to her next college, I'm going to want to keep going to the cabaret for each new performance.  It's a wonderful evening (or afternoon) out, and I'm treated like royalty there.  (we all are)

Before I go, let me share some cute images that I borrowed from the web.

And I can vouch for the truth of this last bit of wisdom   I checked it out again this morning.  Yup, everything's in place.

Now I want to do a bit of blog reading before getting dressed to go shopping.  Pogo and I are going to meet Deanne at that new store and do a bit more browsing around.  So, till tomorrow, Y'all have a fantabulous day.

Hugs, Edna B.


gypsyrose said...

Im glad you enjoyed the cabaret it sounds lovely, love your pictures especially the dog made me smile have a goood day

Chris Allport said...

Hi Edna

I come to your blog every week to see what you and Pogo are getting up to. Sent you a friend request on Facebook.

Luv Chris

Buttercup said...

Enjoyed your post. It's kind of winter in New York, too. Wore my winter coat today, but happily made it to Water Aerobics for Seniors and enjoyed the warm pool.

smiekeltje said...

Fantastic time at the cabaret, though!!
It is wonderful that you can go there, being with a part of the family and enjoying a show and yummie dinner.
Hopefully your weather will change quickly to some real spring weather!