Friday, May 3, 2019

Please Mr. Tom, Don't Eat It All.

May 3, 2019

Good afternoon.  Wowsie, I got to sleep really late this morning.  I must admit, it felt good!  The mail came while I was asleep and guess what?  A box with tomato plants was sitting on the porch waiting for me to bring it in.  I think this is the last of the plants that I had ordered.

I opened the box and these look like nice healthy plants.  I guess I'll be planting sometime this afternoon.  I'll take photos when I get done.  Joe said he would plant my three new bulbs and my new rose bush tomorrow.  I just have to decide where to put them.  Let's hope the rain holds off till after the planting is done.

Today is overcast with temps reaching up towards 6oF degrees.  Every now and then the sun peeks out ever so quickly.  This weather is crazy!  Every time we think we have a nice day headed our way, more rain comes with it. 

I'm keeping an eye on the clock because I have clothes in the dryer and I want to take a couple items out before they are completely dry.  If I hang them up damp, they won't have a lot of wrinkles.  I hope!

Today I have some photos of my dining guests to share.  We all enjoy watching these beautiful birds. 

 And this is my favorite turkey photo.  This is not your usual shot.

While the turkeys are feasting, our little squirrels sit and watch while quietly hoping that our guests will leave some of the food for them.

Rain or no rain, I'm wanting to take the screen covers off the porch so that I can get out there when a nice day pops up.  I'll ask Joe if he can do it soon.  The first thing I want to do is to bring in the boxes of my little solar thingies and wash them all.  Then as soon as the screens and railings are vacuumed, these can all be put up on the rails. 

I want to take my Portal out there too, so that when I am chatting on the phone, I can share the beautiful sound of the birds in the trees.  Plus I enjoy listening to my music and videos on it.  I can do this while I crochet or whatever.  Nice!

Now that it is Spring, I'll call the shelter that Pogo and I went to last Fall to see when we can go play with the kitties.  I think Pogo will like that.  I know I will.  Plus, we need to take a trip to a feed and grain store so that we can buy more cracked corn.  The birds, the little critters and our dining guests all seem to like the cracked corn.  

I'm off now to take some things out of the dryer.  So till Sunday, Y'all have a fantabulous weekend.

Hugs, Edna B.Y


Angelicastar said...

Those turkeys are beautiful and I was wondering if they are wild turkeys. Where are the hunters when they are all around? Wondering too, if you can cage them and keep them at your place. It would be nice to have them there all the time.

My tomatoes are blooming and full of tomatoes. Hopefully I will have lots of them to can this year. My greens are all seeding and need to be pulled up. (mustards) I've been sending collard greens to some of my son's co-workers and our neighbors. The dinosaur kale is doing great and my green beans, squash (yellow) and cucumbers are blooming and have lots of babies on them. My okra has been replanted twice and I think the last planting is working. My plum tree is beginning to ripen the 5 plums that came on it. I can't complain because I just planted this tree last Spring and it is giving me 5 large plums. Maybe next Spring there will be more.

It's raining here today and some counties are expecting tornados. Oh well, our hurricane season is right around the corner. Hopefully they by pass us this year. Have a great day, to you and Pogo.

smiekeltje said...

Great that Deanne came over to help you! You do have really special daughters and DIL Janet is fantastic to you too.
For me it is good to know that you are well looked after!
Lovely those turkeys there and even more funny are the squirrels.
Hopefully you will get soon some really nice weather so you can use your porch.
Now I must go to my blog to write a post. We had quite a week.
Have a wonderful week, dear friend.