Tuesday, May 7, 2019

Oh, What A Beautiful Day!

May 7, 2019

Good morning.  The sun is shining and there is a bit of a breeze.  The temperature is 57F degrees and it should get up to the low seventies soon.  Oh be still my heart!  Pogo and I will be going out later this morning.  We are going to meet up with Deanne and Eddie and two of my great grandchildren at the local park. 

I shall take my camera and a bag of rice and hope to get lots of fun photos.  Maybe I'll take some cracked corn too.  Yesterday afternoon, Pogo and I went looking for that feed and grain store.  Oh my, what a super store!  

They had the cracked corn for - 10 lb. bag/$5.99 or 50 lb. bag/$11.99.  There was corn cobs for the squirrels for - large bag 7 lbs/$12.99.  I got a 50 lb bag or cracked corn and a large bag of corn cobs for $25.79  I normally pay $$8.98 for a 10 lb. bag or cracked corn and $32.94 for 12 lbs. of corn cobs.  So you can see that I saved a bundle of money by buying these items at the feed and grain store.  We will definitely be going back to this store.

On the way home, Pogo and I stopped by the Dollar Store.  I love this store.  I got a bag full of my word find puzzle books (the big ones) and some bubble stuff for the great grandkids to play with.  I also got them each a new travel sippy cup. 

Before we left to go shopping yesterday, I picked up a few new scrap kits from Pink Paradox.  Then I spent some time playing on my trusty old laptop and made a new quick page.  As soon as I can, I'll be posting these again.

I borrowed some more images from the web to share with you.  These show things to make your yard more comfy and more beautiful.

The cinnamon is such a great idea, and I think this old stump is just so much fun.  You can make a tiny garden  around it to go with the little elves. 

Now I'm off to get dressed so that Pogo and I can leave to head for the park.  Later this afternoon, I have my appointment at the Library.  Wish me luck.  So, till tomorrow, Y'all have a fantabulous day.

Hugs, Edna B.


Angelicastar said...

Oh what a rainy day here on the Gulf Coast. I think we will be having rain for the next 4 or 5 days here. I am glad you finally got a sunny day so you and Pogo can get out of the house. I guess somewhere someone is stuck inside because of the weather and it's us now. (lol) Sunday and Monday was both beautiful days. I did bbq on Sunday and I went to the pharmacy to pick up my meds yesterday. They didn't have all of them ready and I reminded them I will not be coming back in all this rain because we have a lot of street flooding here. The neighborhood down the highway from me flooded last week and this teacher ran into a fallen tree over the road and killed herself. I try to stay home on wicked weather days. Hope you and Pogo have a good day in the park. Enjoy this beautiful day for you and think about us here. (lol)

Annsterw said...

That stump is adorable!

Theresa said...

Oh dear, going to the park sounds wonderful. Cinnamon? Who knew? Not me:) Enjoy your day my friend, HUGS!