Thursday, September 13, 2018

Tragedy Seems To Be Lurking Everywhere

September 13, 2018

Good morning.  Tis cloudy here with temps in the upper sixties.  And oh yes, it's raining off and on.  Not very heavy though.  Good news though, tomorrow should be bringing us the sunshine and warmer temps. 

I've had no news yet about DIL Janet's nephew, but I did get a call from Deanne that her best friend was just diagnosed with cancer.  My heart goes out to this woman.  She's had one tragedy after another these past couple of months.  Gosh, when does it end?   My prayers go out to you folks.  Just let me know what I can do to help.

It's quiet here at my house.  I've been following the hurricane news on the Weather Channel.  The flood threat alone is catastrophic.  They've been showing models of what the storm surge means and how much water it can bring.  I took these two photos of the TV screen.  The first photo is at about six feet, and the second photo is at nine feet.

Along with the devastation from this hurricane, they are also forecasting possible tornadoes in this region.  Twenty to thirty inches of rainfall is possible for much of this area, with some places maybe getting as much as forty inches of rain. 

Yesterday afternoon, it looked as though Florence was making a West/Southwest turn.  This morning it looks like it is turning again to North/Northeast (inland).  Already the electric power companies are forecasting that one to two and a half million people might be without power for weeks.  It looks like this storm is about to break a lot of records.

On a lighter note, let me share a couple of photos that I took of Pogo with his new toy.  Pogo does not play with toys.  He never had them before, and I have not been able to teach him how to play with them.  He will play with them as long as someone else is playing, but as soon as we stop playing, Pogo stops too. 

While we were shopping the other day, he showed an interest in this toy, so we bought it.  He doesn't actually play with it, but he has been sharing his chair with it.

Can you tell that I love watching Pogo sleep?  It makes my heart happy to see him sleep and not have bad dreams.  He hardly ever has them anymore.  I especially love seeing him cuddle with one of his toys.  Let's face it, I just love watching him!

Now I think I'll go read a few blogs before I start looking for some mischief to get into.  So, till tomorrow, Y'all be safe and have a fantabulous day.

Hugs, Edna B.


Kathy said...

This hurricane sure seems like it won't give up even though it's been downgraded. Headed our way this weekend. Hope all your loved ones are safe. I haven't heard from the people I know in the area, but I hope they moved inland.

I love watching Jack when he is sleeping also. Our little animals are so loving and cute whether they are asleep or awake. Pogo is a cutie for sure.

Angelicastar said...

Yes, Yes when trouble start it doesn't stop. I always say it is a test to see if you will curse God. Things do get better with time. Last year this time I was so weak I could barely walk from my living room to my bedroom. I was using a shower chair and a walker. Now I am going fishing, driving a bit more, cleaning house, a small amount of yard work. The chemo I has to take every 6 months get me down for a few weeks but I only say it is temporary knowing my autoimmune disease has no cure but I give it to God and let him take care of it. Tell Pogo my pogo folder have 134 photos of him. (lol) He look so happy with his new found friend. (the toy) He is always precious and the best dressed fur baby that I've seen. My fur babies got too fat and now I am trying to reduce the two girls so they can start back wearing their cute little dresses. I think they are losing weight because the are more active now. Hug Pogo for me and have a great afternoon.

Theresa said...

SO many in need of our prayers, PRAYING! Enjoy your day dear friend, watch Pogo sleep a little more:) HUGS!

Beth Reed said...

Catching up on your blog posts. So sorry it has taken me awhile. I use to rush to the computer every morning for your blog with my morning coffee. Lately tho I haven't been rushing to the computer at all. Do you ever just get tired of it? Sad to say that I have been for the past year. It makes me sad in a way but change is a bit hard for me.

Oh that Hurricane has done some horrible damage. It breaks my heart because I know what people are going thru with flood waters. The flood I was in was devastating but at least I had a house after it was over even if it needed to be gutted and redone, but some people don't even have a house left. It breaks my heart for them.

Pogo is so sweet. I just love pictures of him and I snag them when ever you post them just to have them. He is such a sweet little love bug. I miss cuddling with him. Florida should be coming along sooner than we think.
Have a super day to you and my boy... Beth