Tuesday, September 18, 2018

It's Time To Get Out The Canoe

September 18, 2018

Good morning.  My goodness, but it is wet here!  First, I woke up to rain.  Then a while later I got a flash flood warning on my phone.  A few minutes later the skies opened up and boy oh boy did it rain!  The heavy downpour has diminished now to a steady rain. 

Oops, I spoke too soon!  It is downpouring again.  Ah well, we've been needing a bit of rain to help fill our reservoirs and ponds.  And it's an excellent day to do indoor chores. 

Yesterday my grandson Kevin was on his way home from (electricians) school and another car hit his, pushing him to the side of the road.  The car had to be towed, but Kevin appears to be just fine (physically).  Thank you Lord.  A car can be fixed or replaced, but my grandson is priceless.

For some good news, over the weekend, SIL Eddie and a few other members of IBEW Local 103 were busy volunteering at a local Teen Challenge Project.  Awesome work guys!  Here's a photo that Deanne sent me.  That's Eddie on the left.

How about more good news.  A friend of Audrey's is expecting a new baby and has just finished decorating the baby's room with panda bears.  So Audrey has made her a blanket with baby animals all over it.  Audrey, this is beautiful.  Your friend is going to love this blanket.

Oh my goodness, the downpour has started up again and the thunder is roaring up above.  Pogo is busy barking, at what?  He hasn't yet figured out who, or what, is making all that wicked noise, but he's by the door keeping watch.  We go out on the porch to watch these storms, so unless the noise is exceptionally loud (like a huge lightning crack) Pogo is not scared.

My yard is beginning to look like one very big puddle, and the thunder keeps on rolling up yonder, so I think I should shut down my laptop and get out the canoe.  So, till tomorrow, Y'all be safe and have a fantabulous day.

Hugs, Edna B.

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Theresa said...

We need rain here, but none in sight! Sweet little blanket for a little baby:) Giving of your time to help others is a blessing, I know you are proud! SO sorry about the accident, but thankful that your Grandson wasn't injured. Enjoy your day dear friend and the canoe ride (wink) HUGS!