Sunday, September 16, 2018


September 16, 2018

Good morning.  What a beautiful day it is here today in New England.  Blue skies, lots of sunshine, a teeny tiny breeze and temps at seventy degrees working towards eighty.  Simply perfect.  And tomorrow is supposed to be another gift like today. 

Friday, I mentioned that I had purchased a mobile Power Station.  I should have also mentioned that we also have a generator in the shed that we bring out in case of power outages.  It will keep the refrigerators, the freezer, the microwaves and a few lamps burning while the power is out.  It is run by gasoline. 

The mobile Power Station is mostly for my oxygen equipment and other small devices.  (and my TV) However, for those of you who go camping, picnicking, tailgating, etc, this power station is just the thing to have along.  I've been wanting an electrical outlet on my porch.  Now I don't need it.  This power station will take care of all my electrical needs while I'm out on the porch. 

I checked on Google to see what the future path of Florence will be, and I downloaded one of the images.  It shows just how huge this wicked storm is.  Instead of just fizzling out, Florence is tracking all the way up the northeast portion of this country, and even parts of Canada, before heading back to sea.  (the red arrow points just south of Boston)

Here is a cropped section of the image to show where I am. 

Granted, we will most likely only get some rain and light wind, but other parts of the country are under water from the excess rainfall, and in some places it is still raining.  These photos were taken two days ago in Chocowinity, N.C. (borrowed from the web)  As you can see, the flooding is horrendous.

As of early this morning, this storm has already killed nine or ten people.  Sad to say, I'm sure we've lost quite a few pets too.  Even with all the urging, some folks still evacuated and left their pets behind.  This really hurts my heart.  While you are praying for everyone's safety, please say a prayer for the animals too. 


Today I have another whimsical quick page for you.  I hope you can use it.  Enjoy.

Here is your download link:

Now I'm off to do a bit of blog reading.  So, till tomorrow, Y'all be safe, and have a fantabulous day.

Hugs, Edna B.

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Beth Reed said...

I read a terrible story last night. This woman is in the process of opening a shelter but hasn't gotten it totally completed as of yet. I can't remember where it is located but she went ahead and started taking in peoples pets that needed shelter from the hurricane. She had 17 cats and 10 dogs. There was a volunteer at all times, 24 hours a day.
After the worse was over she is being fined nearly a thousand dollars and may face jail time because she didn't have a license yet. The City said they had a shelter and people should have used it.
She is going to fight it because a lot of the animals that she took in some people said it was impossible to get to the city shelter. I wonder if she would have faced the same charges if she had taken the animals into her own home?
Isn't this am awful over reach of the Cities power to regulate some people's rights by just doing the right thing? I am appalled at this.
Love the QP... Thank you! Beth