Friday, July 13, 2018

Be Careful Of Spam Email

July 13, 2018

This is my second post this morning.  Google (or something else) just erased my post.  So I'll start over.  Today is lovely, temps in the low eighties, lots of sunshine and a bit of a breeze.  We have two more days like this in the forecast before things heat up again.

Today I got another scam email.  This one was asking me to update my credit card information in order for them to process a suspicious looking order.  Instead, I called the company and asked them if they had sent this to me.  They said no and gave me an email address to forward the email to so that they can investigate it. 

Be careful about the emails that you get.  If they look suspicious, contact the company involved.  They might be scams.  Don't ever give them the information requested or fill in any forms they send you in the same email.  I've gotten a couple of these regarding my credit score.  I checked and found out that these were scams too.  In today's world, we have to be extra careful.

A few days ago, I had ordered an extra battery and a battery charger for my carpet sweeper.  The battery came a couple days ago, and today the charger came.  Except that it's not a charger, it's another battery.  I called the company, and they told me to keep the battery, and they will send me a charger.  They apologized for the mishap. 

Another gift that I had ordered also came today.  It's a little pink kitty shoulder purse for a great granddaughter's birthday.  I'll put some money in the purse and she can go shopping for something she likes.  Two really pretty pairs of earrings came with the purse.  I think she'll like them.

Remember a while back I posted about an owl bed doll that Audrey is making for her granddaughter Alena?  Well, she finished the doll and is it ever adorable!  She used a bed doll pattern and made necessary adjustments to make it fit the little owl.  Awesome job, Audrey!  Here''s a photo of the doll and another photo of the doll on the bed. 

Well, Pogo did have an appointment with his doctor for a check up, but I totally forgot about it.  So, this morning I called the hospital to apologize and make a new appointment.  They were very nice and gave us an appointment for next week. 

I also have a photo of my tomato plant to show how it's coming along.  The plant is getting taller and the little tomatoes are starting to turn red. 

Now it's time for me to see what's for lunch.  Plus it's starting to get too warm in here so I need to put the fan on.  So, till Sunday, Y'all have a fantabulous weekend. 

Hugs, Edna B.


Angelicastar said...

So true about these scamming emails. They will also send you an email to update your credit card information or you will be locked out. When you put your mouse on the link it shows a funny email address not your bank or credit card. If you get an email from your credit card, it will have the last four digits of your card number. Always go directly to your account from their website if you won't to check it out, but most likely it is someone on the inside of the companies you are doing business with. Just think, how do they know you have a credit card with this company or how do they know your email address. I learned years ago not to go to links sent to you because I've had to shut my computer down once because you could see someone trying to take over your computer. It's a shame you have to live through crooks who don't want to work for what they get. Another thing, never leave your accounts signed in and never let your computer remember your passwords. if you don't watch google, they will keep you signed in and Microsoft will do the same thing. Sometimes I think they want you to get hacked. I have a password book that I keep under lock and key and when I forget one, I pull it out. All of my accounts have different passwords.

I am not sure if I told you because I've been going a lot with more doctor appointments. I've canned 11 quart jars of tomatoes, 2 jars of jalapeno peppers(pickled) 10 jars of Kosher dill pickles and pickled 2 jars of red onions which is great on hamburgers. I might get more cucumbers but all the tomatoes are gone. My okra is doing better. I want to can okra and tomatoes together for soups and gumbo but will have to buy the tomatoes. Hug Pogo for me and have a great day.

Unknown said...

Hi Edna and Master Pogo!

I have caught up on your blog postings and I will be going over and working on my own blog in a little while but first wanted to apologize for not calling. This ulcer, my diabetes and just not feeling well in general, it is all catching up with me I think. I know the ulcer has about kicked my butt.

Thank you so much for the QP. My sisters are headed out to Cancun Mexico in September so it will make an awesome scrap page for Linda's day planner. I love the little dolphins. They are just so sweet!

I was fascinated by the Mulberries. Are Mulberries edible? I know I love the scent and have several candles and use the scent to sprinkle on my carpets and air freshener as well.

I hope that Jazzie has a wonderful party and Bless Deanne for all the work that has gone into this party. I wish that I could have that kind of energy again.

Ohhh Audrey outdid herself with the little owl bed doll. Alena is going to be so thrilled! You have a fantastic evening hon and give my boy lots of love, cuddles and kisses... xx Beth

Theresa said...

I get SO many scam emails, very annoying! Fortunately I recognize them and just don't open them. I also get lots of scam calls on our home phone, also annoying. How dumb do they think we are? Anyway, I hope your Saturday is perfect. Tomatoes are plentiful here from my garden and I am thankful for them! HUGS!

smiekeltje said...

It is verry annoying to receive those scam mails and some of them look soooo real! Sometimes there is only a tiny diffenrence in the mail address, so you easily overlook that.
I am always suspicious about mails that ask about information of your creditcard or bankaccount or such.

Arlene will be so happy with the owl, it looks real cute.
Going to your next post and then quick to my own blog to post a bit.