Thursday, July 5, 2018

A New Way To Watcch TV

July 5, 2018

Good morning.  Tis looking really beautiful outside this morning, although temps will soon be in the nineties again.  We'll have to be adding a new season called "Sizzle."  Because that's what's happening all across the country.  Everybody is sizzling in these wicked high temps.  And drooping, and melting.  I wonder, is this how a candle feels?

When I'm outside watering the plants in the greenhouse and the ones on the porch, this is how Pogo waits while he watches me.  You know, I think I have more photos of Pogo than of anything else. 

Well, yesterday was quiet for Pogo and me.  Actually, it was too much sizzle for us.  We stayed indoors with the fan (and sometimes the A/C) and kept cool.  It was a good day to watch TV.  Oh, the bargains!  One had to be very careful not to over-spend.  I managed to pick up a couple of great Christmas gifts.

On QVC, the "Today's Special Value" is the Amazon Fire TV with 4K Ultra HD and Alexa Voice Remote.  This sells for $69.99 on Amazon, but is $49.99 for today only on QVC.  I ordered this for me.  I'm hoping I might be able to get rid of cable sometime in the near future.  Here's a couple photos I took of this item on the TV screen.


As you can see, it comes with a couple of trial versions, Sling TV and Grokker.  I definitely want to look into the Sling TV.  Grokker is more for folks who are into diets and exercise programs.  Not for this old gal.  To use this product, you don't need cable, only wi-fi.  The Fire TV constantly updates itself, so you never have to replace it with a new one. 

The Fire TV is also portable.  You can put it in your purse and take it with you when you go visiting or on vacation.  As long as there is wi-fi at your destination, you can take all your favorite programs with you.  Here's hoping that this new technology and I can get along and I can learn to use it.

I recorded a video off the TV where the host explains how to set up the Fire TV.  At the moment, I'm uploading it to You Tube so that I can share it here in case any of you might be interested.  It really does look easy enough for me to figure out.  Let's hope that's true!  Here's the You Tube link:

I just tried this link and it works just fine.  You may have to turn your volume up a bit to hear it better.  I hope this helps anyone interested in this new product.

Now I'm going to make another cup of coffee and wash the breakfast dishes.  I confess, I left a few in the sink from last night.  I did rinse them though.  It's mostly just the pan and some utensils.  After the dishes are done, I'm going to crochet for a little while.  It's too hot to do it for very long.  But every row helps.

On that happy note, I'm off.  So, till tomorrow, Y'all stay cool and have a fantabulous day.

Hugs, Edna B.


smiekeltje said...

Great funny photo of deanne and her friend.
Wonderful you finally found a nice place to have your lunch together.
And what a difficult company to not wlling to send you an order at your address, just because at some time somebody didn't do the right thing. They should consider tha fact you order under another name and after you explanation they should send orders again to your address.
We might have a bit too much of warm temperatures but let's cherish it still, because coler and wetter weather will sooner be here than we think!
Have to admit: your cake doesn;t get the prize for best looking or best decorated, but as long as it tastes well, who cares???? ROFL.
Take care and have a wonderful day and weekend and week ahead(best to cover it all hahaha).
Big hug

Theresa said...

Love watching TV, we have cable but some family members have the fire-stick deal and love it:) Enjoy your day dear friend, HUGS STAY COOL!

The Queen Jester said...

Keep me posted on this, we'd love to ditch the cable. We love DISH but it's getting so pricey.