Monday, April 30, 2018

Saying Farewell To April

April 30, 2018

Good afternoon.  I'm a bit late posting today because I thought Pogo and I might go out to do some errands this morning.  Alas, I got busy doing some household chores and ran out of morning.  So we've decided to wait until after Pogo has his turkey treat when Joe gets home, and then we'll do our errands. 

That means that today's post will be a bit short.  Today is a bit gray and wet.  The sun was shining a while ago, but it's gray again.  The temperature is fifty degrees, and tonight will drop down to thirty nine degrees.  However, tomorrow should start some really nice warm temps. 

Today I have a couple photos to share that feature my granddaughter Mia.  Not only does she work a full time job, she also does competitive cheerleading and helps with community work projects.  Recently, she volunteered to help celebrate Spring Clean Up, which helps some local Vietnam veterans with yard work. This included yard clean up, painting sheds, building and weeding gardens, fixing borders, spreading mulch, raking leaves, hauling away tree debris, etc. 

In the top photo, Mia is on the left end, holding a rake.  It's awesome to see so many wonderful folks come out to help our veterans.  In the second photo, that is Mia being held up high.  She looks beautiful against that gorgeous blue sky.  Yup, it's me again, bragging about my wonderful family.  But that's what grandmas do.

Today is the last day of this beautiful month of April.  It may be rainy, but it is helping lots of plants to spring forth with blossoms and putting little green leaves on our trees.  That makes it a beautiful month. 

Well Joe should be getting home from work momentarily, so I'll be off now.  Pogo is watching out the door for Joe's truck to pull into the yard.  So, till tomorrow, Y'all have a fantabulous day.

Hugs, Edna B.

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