Tuesday, April 10, 2018

It Was Tiny And White, And Falling From The Sky. Really???

April 10, 2018

Good morning.  Tis another gray day here in New England.  Just a couple more days and it should start to warm up a bit for a few days.  Today's temperature is 39F degrees.  Hmmm, I wonder what Old Man Winter has been smoking lately.  He doesn't seem to realize that it's time for him to move on.

Well, I went to see my orthopedic doctor this morning.  It was a follow up about the pain in my right shoulder and arm.  I told him that as long as I exercise it and try not to annoy it, it doesn't really hurt much at all.  So for now, I'll continue on the way I have been and I don't need another shot. 

We discussed my options should the pain get worse, and it's not something that I'm considering right now.  I really don't want any more shots, and I definitely don't want surgery.  So for now, I'll just do my best not to annoy it.

You won't believe this, but as I was coming out of the doctor's building, I noticed something floating down through the air.  Oh wow!  Snowflakes!  Are you kidding?  It wasn't a lot of snow, but it was snow.  The flakes were small and not very heavy.  By the time I got home, it was stopping.  Yeesh!

I stopped a few times on the way home to take a few photos.  I go by a cemetery, and next to it is a little pond.  My goodness, the whole area was filled with birds.  Lots and lots of pigeons and a couple of geese.  I felt bad that I did not have any food for them so I did not stay very long.

Seeing all these beautiful birds makes me miss going to the park.  As soon as the weather gets warmer, Pogo and I are going to take a trip to our park to see all the birds. 

I also stopped to take a couple photos of flowers that were blooming.  Gosh, just one town away and they have flowers.  I have green stems.  Boo Hoo!  The quality of the photos isn't very good.  I was using my phone and I was quite a distance away.   But at least you can see the crocuses and daffodils.

If they are still in bloom when I go back that way, I'll try to get better photos.  I'll take my big camera and my newest lens.  That should work! 

Well, I guess I really should head on over to the kitchen sink and wash the dishes that are waiting for me there.  I made a pot roast a couple days ago, and Pogo finished up the last of it for breakfast today.  I guess that means we'll have hamburgers tonight.  Well, at least Pogo will have the hamburgers.  I'm not sure yet what I'll have.

So, till tomorrow, Y'all have a fantabulous day.

Hugs, Edna B.

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gypsyrose said...

Its good that your doctors appointment went ok this morning I dont like having shots either lol. I never use the camera on my phone I just forget its there but yours came out ok and it was nice to see the birds and flower, glad the snow never lasted long hope that was the last of it. Look after yourself x