Tuesday, April 17, 2018

How Beautiful The Sun Is This Morning

April 17, 2018

Good morning.  It's only seven o'clock, and the sun has been shining since daybreak, warming things up outside.  I'm trying to work up enough energy to be able to go grocery shopping later this morning.  The cupboards aren't bare, so if I don't go out today, I can always go out tomorrow.

Yesterday, I thought I might spend the day crocheting, but I ended up working on next year's tax stuff instead.  In between logging entries into my notebook, I had a few important phone calls to make.  The first call was to my insurance broker, asking them to send another copy of my insurance to the mortgage company.  Every month, I get a letter from the mortgage company threatening to make me pay for extra insurance if they don't get this information.  Every month, the broker faxes the information to the insurance company.  Someone, somewhere, needs a brain refresher course.

The next call was to the insurance company.  They sent me a check for the damages to the house, but they made the check out to me and the bank.  This is no good to me.  Now I'm waiting for them to call me back.

Some days I think it is much cheaper and easier to live in a rented apartment.  Then all these problems go to someone else.  On the other hand, I can do what I want around here without having to ask someone else's permission. 

Today I'm sharing old photos from my album.  This first photo was taken in the 60's,when my kids were very young.  The baby, Laura Jean, was very sick, and the kids had just helped to plant this pansy garden for her.  They are left to right:  Audrey, Kerri, Deanne and Gary Jr.

This next photo was taken in the 70's, when the kids are all a bit older  They are, left to right, Deanne, Gary Jr, Kerri and Audrey.

It's amazing how quickly time flies.  Today, these same children are all grand parents.  Have you ever noticed how time drags by when you are raising your children, but once they are grown, time starts to fly by?  I guess that's because we need all that extra time to help get them through their formative years and ready for adulthood.

Last night I decided to cook up some hamburgers for Pogo.  He hasn't been eating much these past couple of days, so I decided to tempt him with his favorite food.  It worked!  With his tummy full, he slept through the whole night, without waking me up for some food.  At six thirty this morning though, he was wanting some more of his hamburger.  So that's when we got up!

I found this picture on the web and thought I would share it here.  Folks, if you have room in your home and heart, do visit your local animal shelter and bring home a new fur baby (or two!).  They all deserve to have a loving home and a nice warm bed to sleep in.

Now I'm going to make a fresh cup of coffee and do a bit of blog reading.  So, till tomorrow, Y'all have a fantabulous day.

Hugs, Edna B.

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