Monday, April 23, 2018

Oh Boy, A New Yarn Catalogue!

April 23, 2018

Good morning.  It's really gorgeous outside today.  It's sunny with a teeny tiny breeze.  Temps today will be in the low sixties.  Pogo has been like a little kid going in and out all morning.  I was hoping to nap for a while, but he keeps asking me to open the door for him.  So I open the door.

My back has started bothering me, so I had to take a pain pill last evening, and then again in the middle of the night.  This morning I'm feeling a bit groggy.  I don't take pain pills very often so my system doesn't have a chance to get used to them.  But they do take the edge off the pain so that I can move about and do a few things. 

Oh my, the mailman just came and brought me a new Herrschners catalogue.  Woo Hoo!  For a limited time, there is free shipping.  This is good because there are a few yarns that I want to order.  There are also a couple things in the catalogue that I want to order and put away for Christmas.  With free shipping, this is a good time to order them.

Last night, I finished the second bathroom tissue dolly. (This one is red.) It does still need its ribbons, etc. but I'll take a photo of it this afternoon to share here.  While I was up during the night, I started another tissue dolly.  (In green)   After that, I'll make a patriotic one, and an orange one.  The orange one is for me, of course!

I can't upload any photos, or even post this till later this afternoon.  For some reason, the cable is out.  When the cable is out I have no TV, no internet and no landline phone.  I used my cell phone to call the cable company, and they said that the problem should be fixed by mid afternoon. 

I guess I'll take a break here until the internet is working again.  Maybe I can take a couple photos while I'm waiting for the cable to be fixed.  Actually, I think I'll close here.  I promise to chat a bit longer tomorrow, and to post some photos.  So, till then, Y'all have a fantabulous day.

Hugs, Edna B.

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smiekeltje said...

Sorry to hear about your back truble. Good that the painkillers do help for some, but of course it would be nicer if you didn;t have to take them.
ope fully it will go away slowly and you don;t have to take any pills anymore for a long time.
Joe is doing a great job in the garden, isn;t he? So now you can sit soon at the porch(if the weather stays good) and have some wonderful times outside.
Love the kitty at Janet's work. He looks so sweet.
On to the next post, so see you there LOL!