Monday, April 2, 2018

Enough Already With The Snow!

April 2, 2018

Good morning.  Goodness, I looked out my door this morning and it is snowing!  So much for thinking that Winter had finally left us.  In the half hour since I looked out, the snow flakes are bigger and thicker and falling even faster.  Ouch! Ouch!

Just yesterday, I went outside to take photos of all the plants that are pushing their way up out of the ground.  Now I'm hoping that this snow does not damage these new plants.  Gosh, as I look outside now, the snow is sticking to everything.  Yuk!  Yuk!

Here are photos of some of these beautiful new plants.  So far, there are tulips, daffodils and irises coming up.  Thank goodness we haven't raked up all the dead leaves and stalks from the gardens yet.  They will help to protect a lot of the plants.

Well, I did have a doctor appointment this morning.  But I decided to call and try to reschedule because of my cold.  I can't seem to get rid of this cough and I didn't want to be coughing at his office.   They gave me a new appointment for next week.
Yesterday, most everyone in the house had plans to eat out or family to visit except for Dwarf Mike.  So I ordered us Chinese food take out.  Delicious! 
I did not get to do any crocheting last night.  As soon as I got settled and ready to watch a bit of TV, I fell asleep.  Pogo woke me up after a few hours because he was hungry.  After I fed him, I went back to sleep. 
Here's a photo of one of the new patterns that I bought.  I'm going to print it out and maybe give it a try this afternoon.  I think I'll try the dress on the left, but I'm not sure I like all the extra little ruffles that are on it.  We'll see what it looks like with just the one on the bottom first.
Well, that's my news for today.  Now I think I'll have my coffee and do a bit of blog reading.  So, till tomorrow, Y'all have a fantabulous day.
Hugs, Edna B.


gypsyrose said...

I hope the snow wont damage the new plants that are coming through, hopefully it wont last to long for you hoping also that your cough will clear up soon, the new pattern looks really nice but a lot of work , have fun making them Look after yourself

Snowy said...

You're not the only one having winter weather still. So far we're lucky and having rain, but further north towards Scotland they are having snow as well. We're really having a late spring this year ! I think a few of my plants have died in the winter weather , but will find out more once it gets warmer and things start to grow , I guess. Take it easy with your cough, but if it's the same as the bug which was going around here , that cough lasts for a long time ! I still have some left overs from it now over a month on, which is really annoying.
Looking forward to see how that dress turns out :)
Hugs Snowy

LV said...

Thankful I do not live where there is still snow. One thing for sure, you are one busy lady.

Beth Reed said...

Hi Edna,
Well my question of the Chinese food was answered. I should have read both posts before I asked if you got your Chinese food!

I know that your sick of the snow. I wish Spring would just come in and chase it all away but it seems that Miss Spring is taking her time. But your plants are so pretty. I hope that they are not damaged by the cold snow as well.

I love the patterns of the dolls. Both are just so pretty, but I do like the ruffles too. Have fun making them. I know that you like to keep your hands busy!

Have a great day, and lots of love and hugs to Pogo from me.... Hugs to you too and I hope that nasty cough goes away soon. Love, Beth xxx