Thursday, November 9, 2017

Only 131 Days Till Spring!

November 9, 2017

G00d morning.  The sun is shining, but the air feels a bit nippy.  Temps today are only in the forties, so I have to wear my flannel house coat to ward off a chill.  Brrrr!  Time to start the Spring countdown.  There are 131 days till next Spring.  I wonder if these days will fly by as quickly as the warmer days.

Last evening, DIL Janet came by after work, and my oh my!  Aside from her bag of crocheting, she had two other big bags.  One held a tray of gourmet cookies and a big box that contained a most gorgeous birthday cake.  The cake itself is angel food/strawberry shortcake, and the frosting is oh so light and tasty.
I had ordered us spinach pizzas for supper, and we had the cake for dessert.  I have to tell you that the cake was scrumpdillyicious!  The Pizza was too.  Pogo ate half a slice.  My little guy might be picky, but he does have good taste when it comes to pizza and meat.
The other big bag held lots of goodies for me.  There were two nightshirts, two beautiful coloring books, three packs of pencils and markers and two bags of my favorite candy slices.  By the way, Pogo likes these too.  On top of all this, she gave me a gift card too.  Wowsie!

Did I ever mention how my DIL spoils me?  I love it!!  So, I have plenty to keep me busy for quite a while now.  Between the coloring and the crocheting, my hands should be just fine. 
My daughter Deanne just called to remind me that we have an appointment tomorrow morning at the shooting range.  Afterwards, when we get back home, I'm going to try cleaning my gun by myself.  This should be interesting. 
Today I need to package up a birthday gift for one of my great granddaughters, Alima, and Joe said that he will take it to the Post Office when he gets home.   He also said that this weekend, he'll vacuum the whole porch for me.  I really appreciate that because vacuuming is difficult for me, and even more so now that my arm is bothering me so much. 
While Joe is vacuuming, I'll clean up all my little solar thingies so that I can pack them away for the Winter.  I really don't look forward to closing up the porch, but I'll have to.  The good thing is that the closed porch keeps the inside of my house warmer in the Winter.  It acts like insulation against the cold. 
Well, I'm running out of morning now so I guess it's time to get busy and do a few chores.  So, till tomorrow, Y'all have a fantabulous day.
Hugs, Edna B.


Unknown said...

Oh my what a grand birthday and the cake is just gorgeous. Lucky you!!!! You were indeed spoiled for your birthday and that is so awesome!!!

Joe is a good man to help you out knowing how hard it is to vacuum and do things around the house. Especially since your having so much trouble with your arm. Bless you hon, I hope that your doctor can get it sorted for you.

Yum spinach pizza sounds so good but that cake must taste like heaven!!! I am so happy that you can have foods like the cookies, cakes and candy. My problem with sweets is that I don't know when to stop. So that is why it is rarely brought into the house.
Jonathan made a Hostess Ding Dong cake for work last week. He made 2 actually. He normally leaves the rest at work for the workers, but he brought me home a slice. Then cut it into 4 tiny squares. It had to last me 4 days. Well it lasted 2. I did my part, but Nathan had a small square and Karyn the other... so in a way that was good. Just having a fork full was nice but at the same time it was just a teaser so better that they ate it lol.

I am off to read your next blog post. xx Have a fantastic day my friend and lots of love from Cisco and I. xxx

smiekeltje said...

That cake looks sooo yummie and is beautiful!
Yeah, you are at times a bit spoiled by your DIL and other family members but you deserve it!
And it does feel good every now and then hey????
I am glad Joe is giving you a big helping hand. He is a great guy.
On to next post