Monday, March 9, 2015

Mandarin Orange Monday

March 9, 2015

Good morning.   After posting my blog yesterday, I took my crocheting and went to sit on the porch for a while.  To my surprise, a large and beautiful visitor stopped by.  It landed right on top of the hedge outside my porch.  (This photo taken through screen)

This handsome bird was out looking for something tasty for lunch.  He did not find it in my hedge so he flew to another and got very lucky.

My goodness, this is the first time I've had one of these beauties stop by for lunch.   I usually have to go looking all over town to find them.   Well, after this, it was a very quiet day.   Some folks here at the resort were leaving to go home, and new folks were arriving.  Later in the afternoon, DIL Janet arrived to spend this last week with Pogo and me.
Today is Mandarin Orange Monday.  I think these trees covered with hanging moss are just beautiful.  They are so elegant and graceful looking.
After playing around with the photo in Photoshop for a while, I ended up with this image.  I did this a couple of days ago, and did not write down all the different layers, filters, gradients and blends that I used.  Sorry.  Sometimes I find that stopping to write things down slows down my thinking process and changes the outcome of the image I'm working on.
We were planning on going to the market this morning, but Housekeeping just called to say that they would be out this morning.  I'm one of those folks who does not like strangers in my house when I am out.  So we will be staying in until they've come and gone.
Janet wants to buy some yarn, and then we'll pick up a few groceries.  We don't need much, so we won't be out too long.  My ankles are swollen so it will be a couple more days before I go traipsing around town again. 
Well, that's about all the news for this morning.  So, till tomorrow, Y'all have a fantabulous day.
Hugs, Edna B.  


Unknown said...

Oh Edna,
I just caught up with your blog and I just love the pages that Kyra did for you. Just beautiful.
Lucky you to have such a handsome visitor. At lunch time no less. It does look like he had a tasty entrée!

Things are wet and gloomy here. I am sure that Joe was none to thrilled to be going back to the snow. Your right, you do still have a lot of it still on the ground.

I am so glad that you managed to get a helicopter ride in. It was surely a moment that you will remember fondly. Lovely pictures as well.

It is nice to know that Audrey and her friend was able to spend time with you. I am praying for a safe trip home for the both of them.

I will email you later on today. I have to call maintence in because my shower faucet is broken and the office is just now opening up. Talk to you soon. Hugs, Beth

Debby said...

Love your lunch date. Poor little froggy. I love the moss in the trees. Glad you have cmpany this week. Hope those ankles get better.

Nani said...

Poor frog, but awesome catch! Beautiful shots. Now that close up of beak and frog might make a good October calendar picture in honor of Halloween! LOL

I'm with you on keeping track of the steps of credits when I create. Many times when you get "in the zone" it's the furthest thing from your mind! I like the oranged-up Spanish moss!

I know what you mean about wanting to be there when someone is in cleaning! When we travel we usually end up with both laptops and anything valuable in the car with us rather than left in the hotel is housekeeping is still due in. I think more people are honest than dishonest, but I just don't want to be the one who "discovers" the dishonest ones by being a victim!

You and Janet, and Pogo, have a great week together!

Hugs, Nani

Su-sieee! Mac said...

I'm very impressed with your visitor and your photo of him catching that frog. Yowza! Your artistic rendering of the tree is gorgeous. I'm like you. I have no idea what I've done to a photo and I don't feel like stopping after each step to write it down.
The View from the Top of the Ladder

smiekeltje said...

Wonderful visitor you had. A bit pity for the froggy, but that is the way it has to go in nature.
You take indeed a bit of rest to give your ankles time to recover.
But you and Janet will have to talk enough to talk about, so sitting at the porch, with something to drink and chatting seems a real good option to spend most of the day.
Have fun

lorik said...

Jackson Pollock or perhaps even Monet would be proud:) I love your orange artwork. As for writing steps down, i understand. I haven't been doing that lately for the same reason. Also it takes me hours longer...I can never read my notes after! thanks Edna and I am glad you enjoyed your warm holiday but are glad to be home too:)