Saturday, December 14, 2013

Woo Hoo! Another Santa Delivery For Me!!

December 14, 2013

Good morning.  Wow, where do I start?  Yesterday afternoon, a package arrived.  It was another one from my Secret Santa.  Boy oh boy!  I love opening packages!  Of course I had to open it.  My goodness, it was chock full of presents! 

Joe and I were on our way out to do a couple of errands and go food shopping, but I just had to open at least a couple of the presents inside the top of the box.  This would keep me all bubbly until I got back home from shopping. 

First thing I did when I got home was to finish unpacking and opening all my new presents.  Oh my, such wonderful goodies.  There was lots of pretty things (background papers, words art, tiny elements to glue on, etc)  for scrapbooking, a wonderful magnet for my fridge (it says "I Love to Shop), a big pad for writing reminder notes, (I LOVE paper!), a purse size calendar, several packages of Reindeer Noses, a fabulous mug filled with the ingredients and recipe for Snowman Soup, a package of extra makings for this same tasty soup, chocolate dipped candy cane stirrers, a snowman jar with snow and a car with a Christmas tree on it's roof inside the jar, a package of Christmas decorations for scrapping, my favorite candy "Mounds" bars, and a tin filled with home made cookies and fudge and brittle. 

I am feeling so loved and well hugged!  Wow!  I do not know yet who my Secret Santa is, but I want to thank you from the bottom of my heart.  Thank you, Thank you.  I think I got the best Secret Santa.  I just love all my presents, and the first thing I did after I fed Pogo his supper was to sit back in my lounge chair with my new mug filled with hot Snowman Soup.  Mmm, Mmm, Mmm.

I am still working on figuring out who you are.  All the packages came from different addresses, so the return address isn't helping me much.  But I will keep trying to figure it out.  Oh wow, I can't get this huge grin off my face!

While Joe and I were out doing errands, our first stop was at the Post Office to mail off the last of the mailer boxes.  Then we headed over to Ocean State Job Lot to buy some big bags of dog food.  They did not have any cat food so I'll have to pick some of that up next week.  Next we headed for Ace Hardware Store, where we dropped off a large bag of old blankets and the new bags of dog food.  These will be distributed to the local animal shelters.

While we were at Ace Hardware, we stopped to look at and admire the new snow blowers that were on display.  Of course, we fell in love with the big one!  There was no leaving this store until that snow blower was ours.  We just had no way to bring it home with us.  It was too big to fit in the car.  So this morning, a friend with a truck will take Joe back to the store to pick up the snow blower and bring it home.  Thank you Cliffie!

Giggle, giggle,.  I am watching a Hershey Kisses ad on TV.  The Kisses are playing Jingle Bells and Pogo is watching and barking at them.  He is just too comical some times.  He has this fabulous little growl, and if barking doesn't get his point across, he will give out a wicked little growl.  Oh gosh, you just have to love this little guy!

Dee Dee and Eddie are on their way over here, and when they get here Pogo will do his "Happy Dance" all over the room until "Auntie" picks him up and gives him big hugs.  He just loves his "Auntie".

There is more fun from yesterday to chat about but I'll save that for the next post.  It's time now for me to get dressed.   (Oh dear, lol, that same Hershey Kisses ad is on again, and Pogo is sitting here staring at the TV and barking and making little growl sounds.  I just love it!  So, till tomorrow, Y'all be safe and have a fantabulous day.

Hugs, Edna B.


Mat's Merry Memoirs said...

Good Afternoon! So enjoy reading your lively blog and that you are having fun and not out on the roads in all that cold wind, ice and snow. Ours has finally melted, still a stubborn patch or two, but it sounds like it is raining with all the dripping off the house...LOL! At least it is not as cold and not as dangerous as the ice was...$30 million in damages in this area to homes/schools and vehicles from this storm...that doesn't count all the road repairs that will have to be done.
Thanks for the lovely textures and I hope you and Pogo have a fantastic weekend! Hugs, Mat

The Queen Jester said...

You sure got a boatload of goodies delivered - that's always fun. I've not seen the commercial you mentioned yet, I'll have to watch for it.

Kathy said...

You are one lucky lady to have such a thoughtful Secret Santa. I'll bet you can't wait to find out who it is. Such nice things you got.

Stay inside and be safe. I'm not going out on the highway if I can help it. Ice here.

Debby said...

My secret sister gift arrived today as well. I loved everything. You did get a lot of really nice things.
That's so funny about Pogo and the commercial. Don't they have the funniest growl. Izzy grows at all the dogs at the vets. Not at the big ones....she hides under my chair for those guys.
So nice of you to donate food to the shelters. I could use that snow blower, hah.

smiekeltje said...

Wow, you are treated by yout Secret Sata!! Such lovely thins inside that box. Were you allowed to open the presents yet???? Santa must have been in a very good mood LOL!
Some boxes can be opened but not the presents yet, if you know what I mean!!!!
You ure had a great day, the more that you found with Joe the BIG snowblower, I had to grin reading that.
You sure have to make a good photo of Joe using that thing!
Pogo is funny, groaning at that advertisement on tv ROFL!
All together it sounds you had a great day, and that is good to kinow!
You have another wonderful day,

islandwonder said...

Congrats on the Secret Santa gifts. How fun!

Anonymous said...

what a wonderful parcel to receive,what a fun swap.xx