Sunday, December 15, 2013

Electra Came And Electra Is Leaving

December 15, 2013

Good morning on this wet, soggy, snowy? morning.  Well the snow got heavier last evening and through the night, leaving us with 5 or 6 inches of the white stuff.  However, as the night wore on, the snow was rather wet, and by around 4 or 5 this morning, it was already changed over to rain.  This of course, left us with a yard full of heavy wet snow on top of watery slush. 

Here's a photo of the driveway during the night, a little after 1 a.m.  I took the photo through the plexiglass window on the storm door.  It was just too yucky outside to go out for the photo.

When morning came (daylight), Joe fortified himself with a large cup of hot coffee, and then went outside to play with the new snow blower.  Here's a few photos of him clearing the front end of the driveway.  Personally, I think he's having too much fun!

This morning around 2 a.m., I took Pogo into the bathroom and gave him a medicated shampoo bath.  He has a dry, patchy skin condition and he had started scratching away, so I thought the bath might help ease the itch.  His hair is growing a bit longer now and he looks like a regular Yorkie.  I like the look so I might leave it this way for now.  He is just so handsome.  I'll have to take some new photos of his face.

Well folks, what can I say?  I feel so special these days.  Yesterday, another package came in the mail from my Secret Santa.  Yup, Yup!  This one had a beautiful little note card inside that read "Because orange is your favorite color your Secret Santa thought you'd like something made with love~"  Oh my, it was a gorgeous hand made tote bag.  I just love it! 

I don't know who my Secret Santa is yet, but I want to tell her that I have been having so much fun.  She has made my Christmas just absolutely wonderful, and made me feel really special.  Thank you so much.  Here's a photo of my beautiful tote bag.  Isn't this pretty?  I already toted Pogo all around the house in it!  After that, I put it under the tree with everything else.

Now I think I'm going to have me another cup of coffee.  Everyone out in the house has already gotten up and had their coffee or breakfast and gone back to bed.  It's a rather dreary day, so I guess they are all catching up on their sleep.  It's amazing considering how many adults live in the house, how quiet it is out there.  Right now, they are all back in their rooms snoozing away.

I guess I'll just make myself another cup of coffee and watch a bit of TV.  So, till tomorrow, Y'all be safe and have a wonderful day.

Hugs, Edna B.


Andrea @ From The Sol said...

Well, I think I must be out of touch ... Electra came and went and I didn't see you mention her in your post. Is Electra the name of the snow storm?

Now, you didn't tell me that Joe is a handsome young dude ... nice to have around the house and I like the kind of fun he is having with the snowblower (as I am guessing, you do too). But, back to bed ... how is that even possible. I could never fall back to sleep. My brain would be fretting over all the things I should be doing instead of trying to snooze away the day.

And you taunt us with how handsome the little long haired Pogo is and don't include a picture ... I will be waiting to see that littlest boy.

I am going to wrap packages today so I can figure out what I have and if I need anything more. We still don't have our tree up ... maybe we will tackle that today too. I am having a difficult time wrapping my mind (and heart) around this Christmas. Seems to have lost its glamour for me. But then, I don't have a Secret Santa sending me gifts every day. However, I do have a package waiting to go under my tree that I am truly looking forward as is Izzi. That was not a Secret Santa, it was a Surprise Santa and that perks me up. I need to focus on the things I have that I so appreciate and you are one of them. I know you are working this weekend, so you have a restful day, Edna and I'll see you tomorrow for MOM :)

Andrea @ From The Sol

smiekeltje said...

Oh, that snow blower is a real big thing! It certainly does its work, I think it is a lot easier to get rid of snow now with this, than by hand, shoveling away! And it looks as if Joe likes the new toy LOL.
Nice to have a quiet house, and still knowing some people are around. But sometimes it is great to be able to go back to bed after a coffee, and take another hour or two of sleep. Rarely happens to me, but its great, just having a day you say to yourself, : i don;t need to actually DO a thing today, I feel still sleepy, so why not take that chance?
What happened with the electra??? Did you loose any power or so??? Hope not!
Well, go posting now on the blog, and then get some things done.
P>S. The other Secret Santa made you nice Christmaspresent!

Mat's Merry Memoirs said...

Good morning Miss Edna and Pogo! Thanks for sharing those lovely photos of Joe enjoying his snow blower....hope the new doesn't wear off this winter because he has to use it too much! LOL! We are finally trying to warm up a little again, more normal for Texas with the mid to upper 60's and maybe even low 70's this week before the next FRIGID cold front hits us on Friday! We have such a flu breakout here, wonder why??? in the teens last week with ice and now 70's and then back to the 20's the following week....Mother Nature sure likes to play jokes doesn't she? LMBQ!!
I bet Pogo is looking really cute now that he looks like a real yorkie....and bet he loved riding around in your cute tote bag too. By the Way, you are very special and it is nice that your secret Santa is making you feel that way!
Have a great week and try to stay nice and cozy and warm inside.
Hugs, Mat