Thursday, December 26, 2013

Christmas Is Done, But Oh What A Wonderful Day!

December 26, 2013

It's 6:30 a.m., and all is quiet at our house.  Some of the dwarfs have already left for work, and others are getting ready to leave.  Everyone had a great day yesterday.  Several of the dwarfs were at home yesterday, and dwarf Helen cooked a delicious Christmas dinner for everyone.  It was a fabulous day, and Pogo and I had a most wonderful Christmas Day.

Folks, let me tell you, I had a most wonderful time yesterday.  Watching Pogo interact with all of his presents was really a fabulous gift for me.  He had a big pile of gifts, and he just took a quick look at it and walked on by.  After a little while, he did try to play with one of the packages, but could not open it. 

I helped a bit by opening one or two at a time and putting the gift back on the pile.  This got his interest, and he actually got into to spirit.  From here on in, he had so much fun with the presents.  He actually played with a couple of his new toys, and checked out each and every gift in the pile.  This first photo is my favorite.  I just love the expression of his face. 

Kyra sent him a wonderful bed cover that is like a sleep pocket.  He can crawl onto it and pull it in over himself.  I put it on his little bed, and the first thing he did was line up his favorite toys that he keeps in his bed.  Last night I put his fuzzy green blanket on the bed.  He crawled under the blanket and pulled the corner of his new cover over it and fell fast asleep.  He was one very happy little camper.

Pogo was not the only one to get lots of wonderful presents.  I got so many wonderful gifts, wow!  I was like a little kid in a candy store.  I had a smile on all day that just would not go away!  Just saying thank you doesn't seem like a lot, but I want to thank everyone for making our Christmas such a fun and special day. 

Are you curious about the little present under my tree that was for me from Pogo?  Well let me show you what it was.  This little fellow picked out a beautiful ring for me.  You all need to get yourselves a little doggie like mine.  He is just so smart!!  

The stones are garnets, chrome diopside and white topaz set in sterling silver.  Garnets are my Kerri's birthstone and I love flowers, so this made the ring ever so special.  My photo doesn't do the ring justice, but it's the best I could do.

I'm watching the news, and it is showing the backlog of all the packages that UPS and FED EX did not get delivered to customers on time for Christmas.  So many folks are really upset about it, but they don't stop to realize that most of them waited until the busiest shipping weeks to do their ordering.  Plus, the bad weather all across the country hasn't helped.  I was lucky, all my packages got delivered in time.

I did have one brain relapse this season.  Somehow, one of the packages that I mailed out that should have had a calendar in it, did not.  Now I'm having to try to find out who did not get their calendar.  This is one of those times when my brain goes on vacation and doesn't take me along.  I usually have a checklist, but somehow I missed something.  I'm sorry, and as soon as I find out who did not get their calendar, I will put in the mail. 

Now I'm going to make some breakfast for Pogo and me, and make myself another cup of this delicious Dutch coffee.  Folks, I got some fabulously yummy goodies, and I'm enjoying all of them.  Mmm, mmm, mmm.  So, till tomorrow, Y'all be safe and have a fantabulous day.

Hugs, Edna B.


Debby said...

It's so wonderful to hear the joy in your words. You must have had such a nice Christmas. That little Pogo. Did her really line up his toys. His gift to you is beautiful. He has good taste.
I had a great day couple of days as well but it's not over yet.
Hubby and I both said that the people ordering at the last minute took that chance that their packages would not make it. I wonder if the retailers aren't responsibility by promising delivery. All of my packages made it. My cousin works endless hours over the holidays. This is also the first time in years that they have said that sales were down. I couldn't believe they weren't before when the economy was so bad. I am glad that people are spending less. Oh we need to just sit and drink some of that Dutch coffee and solve the world's problems. So glad that your day was good.

smiekeltje said...

You and Pogo had great fun and it's good to hear so!
Little Pogo made you a beautiful present LOL!
Wonderful to hear also the dwarfs made it a lovely day.
It;s always a pity that now Christmas has gone, we looked forward to it so long, and in no time suddenly that are in the past.
There are always some trouble in delivery of packages, and I am glad I did send it away early enough!
People never learn from it, it seems.
Okay, time now to post on my blog,
so I leave you in peace LOL.
Have a wonderful after-Christmasday!

Mat's Merry Memoirs said...

Wow! what a lovely present from Pogo to you! He is such a good doggie! My kitties had a blast with their gifts too, especially the tissue paper and bags and boxes....LOL! I even had to take one gift away for the night as I could not sleep....they got it back the next morning! LOL!
I had a great day myself even if I did spend it at home alone...(nice and quiet to watch my movies) and snuggled up with my babies! No, I am not becoming a hermit, it's just so busy, busy the few days before that I needed the down time and grabbed it while I could! LOL!
Got company coming in tomorrow and Sunday, so gotta finish with this house straightening and the laundry today. Chat more later, you and Pogo have a fantastic weekend. BTW forgot to thank you for the cute QP I got the other day. Hugs, Mat

Andrea @ From The Sol said...

Pogo is becoming a celeb ... so many presents from so many friends. Isn't life wonderful. I am glad your day was so special and your Dwarfs cooked for you ... you must be a wonderful "Mother figure" to them. You are a good heart.

The sales were down in the retail stores ... has anyone heard what they were for online shopping. Most of the people I know were doing most of thier shopping on line ... probably a few of them were among those who didn't receive thier packages on time. I think retailing is going through a change ... must be when Amazon can start talking about sending our packages by personal drones ... I shutter to think of what the world will be like after I am gone. I hope my kids and grandkids fair well in it all.

Your magnability necklace lets you take Pogo with you when you have to work. I wear mine with Izzi in it to all of her agility trials ... sort of a good luck charm. Hope you have fun with it.

I have a couple of quick posts then off to clean my wrapping room and turn it back into my Gramddaughter's bedroom. Celebrating would be a lot more fun if it wasn't so much work, Ha! You have a wondrful restful day Edna ... and tell Pogo that Izzi is playing with her bear as we speak ... she loves it.

Andrea @ From The Sol

Annesphamily said...

Pogo is making me smile! He is such a smart lil guy! He must have been very very good becaase he made a hall! LOL! Enjoy that lil guy! Hugs Anne

My grandson Andrew works at UPS and he worked Christmas Eve. People expect things now like a magically snap of their fingers. Sad attack on both amazon and UPS. We ordered one last minute gift, A Willow Tree figurine for Hannah and it arrived Christmas Eve as it was suppose too; we were lucky. I am still waiting for a small Target package, my face gel. Sigh! But I am ok for another couple days. Hugs Anne