Monday, December 30, 2013

The Last Mandarin Orange Monday For 2013

December 30, 2013

Wow, we are running out of month here.  Just today and tomorrow left and then it will be a whole new year.  Let us hope that the new year will be a better year for everyone.

As the post title says, this is the last Mandarin Orange Monday for 2013.  I had a photo all ready to post, but then I thought I would try my hand at abstract.  My friend Andrea took a photo of an egg frying in a pan, and turned it into a  really cool piece of abstract art.  So I figured that I should give it a try too.

I'm not sure what you see when you look at this it of bit of art (?), but I see a very happy snail.  He is so pleased with himself because he has just finished the race and is crossing the finish line.  I call him Mr. Tweedy.

I started with a milkweed plant from the Mrs' garden, and played with and applied an assortment of things in Photoshop.  In all, I used layers, blending modes and filters.  I did not start out to make anything in particular, but stopped when I was happy with it.  Here's a peek at the original photo.

Yesterday, it rained all day and all through most of the night.  It was a very good day to be lazy, and I was!   I have a jigsaw puzzle program on my laptop that I played with for a while before putting my creative cap on.

Can you tell it's very dull at my house?  lol.  That is not a complaint though, I'm quite happy with "dull".  Today will be busier because I have a couple of errands to do.  This will make Pogo happy because he has been cooped up in the house for too long. 

Today I thought I would share some of the neat stuff that friends send to me via email.  Yesterday, these "picture sayings" had me laughing for quite a while.  Some of them are so true, and deserve to be passed along to you.  My favorites are the first two.  So have a laugh and enjoy. 

I am at work and it's time to check on the Mrs.  So, till tomorrow, Y'all be safe and have a fantabulous day.

Hugs, Edna B.


Electra said...

Really remarkable what you have done with this image! And thanks for the laughs. Happy New Year to you!

Jane said...

Hi Edna- The snail came out pretty cool! Hope your New year is full of joy!

Andrea @ From The Sol said...

You dated yourself when you even understood #2. I think I did finally outgrow the checking behind the shower curtain, but it took awhile, Ha! Your friends must have a great sense of humor ... these are awesome ...LOL

Oh my dear, Dull sounds so good to me. I think I may finally have made it to dull today. Of course, in two days it will be yet another holiday, but nothing quite so demanding. I plan to Veg out on this Monday. I have one book to finish and another to start and that is the plan.

I leave the best for last ... Your "Snail" is great! You always said you didn't do abstract, but I think you have just discovered a new talent. So cute and who would ever have guessed it came from a milkweed. Now I ask, wasn't that fun? Love it ...

Love to the little boy from Izzi. She is having to wear her boots today because it is below freezing and doesn't look like much improvement in the near future. Not a happy camper, needless to say. Have a good one, Edna ...

Andrea @ From The Sol

Mat's Merry Memoirs said...

Good evening, I hope you achieved all you wanted to today, I did not...I spent too much time in front of this computer today! LOL! Typical right? O well, what else did I have to do that was so pressing...NOTHING!! I love it! Every now and then we all need one of those days, today was mine!
It is too cold to go out and I didn't need to anyhow...I do have to go out tomorrow so will get it all done at once and then I can have a few more days to do nothing but what I want...LOL!
I have a couple of jigsaw puzzle games and let me tell you, they are so addictive...LOL but they keep the mind sharp.
I created a page today and used one of your textures...thanks again I just posted it to my blog!
Have a fabulous pre New Year's Eve and a great time tomorrow night if you stay up that late. May 2014 be the best year all of us have ever had. Love your family history story too! Thanks for sharing!
Hugs to you and Pogo...Mat

smiekeltje said...

Oh my, some great textes you found LOL!
Gosh, you really went to abstract with that photo, but you are right, you could see a snail in it, funny!

Oh, dull sounds so good, there are only few times I am really complaining about "dull" hahaha.

Happy New Year my friend, may all good tings come your way and bad things stay away far from you!
Big Hug

lorik said...

Edna I so much enjoyed your post! I started smiling and ended up chuckling to myself! Your snail is fantastic - I see him very clearly - very proud and erect! Love the swirls and happy mood - especially good for New Year:) Interesting to see how you got there too.... I too found Andrea's egg intriguing - so much so I called my husband in to look - I will do the same with yours --I wonder if he will guess? Of course not!!
I am afraid, as Andrea said, I am dating myself too by understanding the shower curtain checking. I found myself identifying with a lot of them too - especially the gym!
I like dull days very much - especially with the odd book or photoshop thrown in.....and the occasional bowl of ice cream.
Happy New Year Edna and thank you for being part of our orange community and sharing your work:)

NatureFootstep said...

liked how the image turned out in the end. And loved how he yellow color brightened. :)