Monday, December 16, 2013

It's Mandarin Orange Monday

December 16, 2013

Good almost afternoon.  Pogo and I were up early this morning and then went right back to bed.  This time, I got to sleep oh so late!  I must say that it feels good.  It gave me a little burst of energy.  In the last hour, I've got breakfast for Pogo, made a cup of coffee for myself, cleaned out the refrigerator, and put the trash out.  That used up all my energy, but at least it all got done.

Well this last storm, Electra, may have already come and gone, but now my whole driveway looks like a skating rink.  My driveway, by the way, is almost the size of a small house lot.  The weather man is forecasting another storm headed this way in time for next weekend.  Gosh, I hope it blows out to sea before it gets here.  (I can dream, can't I?)

Today is Mandarin Orange Monday again.  For this, I took a photo of our Christmas Tree, orangefied it, used a gradient, layered it with a sheet of Christmas music, used a couple of odd brushes, adjusted the opaque on the layers, and added a Holy Family clipart (from the web).  I call this "Silent Night".

As promised, I took a new photo of Pogo now  that he looks more "Yorkyish".   It really doesn't matter how he looks, to me he looks just precious. 

To answer Andrea's question, yes he is a toy.  At least that's what the shelter told me.  He really is quite tiny.  This is a photo of him curled up in the corner of his little doggie bed.  He is curled up, so that is his whole body.

You know you're getting old when your youngest grandchild is growing up.  It wasn't so long ago that Jasmine was a very "princessy" little girl, and wow, look at her now.  She will be fourteen in a few weeks, and is still very "princessy" but in a nice young adult way.

This young lady carries quite a busy load at school, belongs to the drama club at her school, and attends several classes a week at a regular drama theatre.  Her goal is to become a star on stage and maybe even the big screen someday.  Who knows?  You go girl!!  I'm so very proud of you!

Well now, I want to catch up on my emails and my blog reading.  So, till tomorrow, Y'all be safe and have a fantabulous day.

Hugs, Edna B.


NatureFootstep said...

you made a beautiful christmascard I think.
I hope you get clear of the storms.

aquascrap said...

Absolutely beautiful photo of your grandaughter Jasmine.

The photos of Pogo are gorgeous....I can see why he would be a joy to have around.

Hope you don't get any more storms. We are having temps in the high 30-40's but I hope it will cool down a bit for Christmas. Glad we are going out for Christmas lunch as I wouldn't be cooking a turkey when the temps are well over 100 degrees. I haven't heard what the temp will be for Christmas day.

Most Aussies these days have seafood for Christmas lunch but there are still the diehards who love their turkey. Can't believe Christmas is just a week away.

Enjoy your evening!

Judy xx

lorik said...

I love the way you processed your pic of your christmas tree - and thank you for describing how you did it. A great idea overlaying the carol music sheet too:)
Pogo looks lovely and I hope that pretty girl does become a star.
Being an Aussie like aquascrap - i too usually have a hot christmas. Unlike aqua scrap we usually do have hot baked dinner ...turkey and all the trimmings. But I, being a vegetarian... give the turkey a miss:) This year we are having Chrismtas dinner at our daughter in law's mother's house... and will be having an Italian Christmas! But we will take the traditional plum pudding:)
Hope the storm went out to sea... but if you still have ice...I would love to see some pics.
Thank you for sharing on MoM 72:)

Annesphamily said...

Hi Edna! I have been dying to come over and say hi but since I was your Secret Santa I had to wait! So I decided just to come over and tell you how much I enjoy reading your posts. I love people who write the same way they talk. At least that is what my blog friend LV says about me and she should know. She had lunch with me a few years ago when they made a Colorado visit. She knows I can talk up a storm.
So I am happy that you enjoyed your gifts. I had a lot of helpers all over the place. My hubby helped me a lot too!
I love your sweet lil Pogo. He is a precious precious lil fellow.
We have a little heat wave but than the wind kicks up and it turns colder toward evening. I am grateful we do not have any terrible storms coming up.
I will say some prayers for your part of the country. You have been hit hard with the cold wet weather.
I am just glad I finally got to say hello without sneaking about! Suzanne did a nice job this year and I felt blessed to have you as my secret Santa.
Have a beautiful week.
Hugs, Anne

smiekeltje said...

Hahaha, I didn;t know Electra was a name for a storm!!!!
Gosh, isn;t he sweet as ever, your little Pogo?
And wow, Jasmine is a real pretty young women!
Who knows what she will achieve in future. She is still so young, and I think she has enough determination to reach her goals.
Glad you had a good sleep and recovered a bit of energy, and whooo, you did a lot of work.
Today will be another shopping day(yesterday we were at the market and got us already a lot) but have to visit the supermarket too now.
Not much more I need for Christmas, there however always are a few things you can only take home the last day or two before, but okay, most of all things will be done then already.
You have a fantastic day, my friend!