Thursday, March 31, 2011

Snow And Rain Coming

March 31, 2011

It's almost sunny this morning.  Maybe the sun is just not in the mood to shine today.  We have rain and snow coming later today or tonight.  And lots more of the same tomorrow and tomorrow night.  We are supposed to have sunshine for Saturday and Sunday, and then three more days with rain.

Yesterday was such a fantastic day to be outdoors.  But first, I sat me down and  finished my tax totals.  Then I got dressed and went out to do a bit of pruning and weeding in my little garden.  One of the dwarfs also took advantage of the warm sun, and did a bit of the weeding with me. 

I was hoping to get to the park this week to take some new photos, but I don't think it's going to happen.  Oh, groan, groan, groan.  The weather channel has been saying that we will only get about an inch or snow with a lot of slush and rain over the next day or two, but now there is a lady forecaster on the screen saying that we are going to get up to 3 inches of snow. 

Blogger has been developing a nuisance problem, and now it is really getting bad.  Have you noticed that when you try to leave comments on a blog it takes Blogger forever to actually post the comment (IF it does at all!)?  Today I took a few minutes to write a comment for someone, and after waiting a couple of minutes, I finally had to delete everything in order to keep my PC from freezing.  This has been going on for quite a while, but now it is really annoying.  Please Blogger, fix this!!!

I had a couple of photos to share this morning, but Blogger will only let me upload one of them.  Oh for the good old days when blogging was simpler!!!   Before Blogger was all jazzed up with lots of new improvements, it was really easy to share news and photos here.  Now it's a learning experience.  I have for you a photo of some Snow Drops from the garden at work.  These usually come up with the crocuses.

It's time now for me to see about lunch, and get ready for my appointment with the accountant.  Till tomorrow, Y'all have a wonderful day.

Hugs, Edna B.


Nani said...

I love the snow drops! Maybe I need to add some of those... Maybe by fall, I can plant them myself!

That darned groundhog! April and snow, especially after all the snow you've had there, is just not acceptable! It's to cold here yet too. The Weather Channel says it's going to be a below average April-June for our collective part of the country. Still colder than average for us is NOT SNOW in April-June!

They are talking about a 40% chance of rain in New York for the Tigers game. The Reds pregame is a replay of the Championship cerebration from last September. That warms me a l9ittle! :D

Okay, gotta get back to schoolwork before the games start. Keep warm and may we ALL get warm and SOON! )

Snowy said...

Having the same problems here with blogger-it will not let me upload pictures at all in the moment.Well, have to wait until it works again. Hugs Snowy

The Queen Jester said...

Love the snow drops - you are way ahead of me here in least on our north slope in the valley where we live. We get to enjoy winter much longer than anyone else.

smiekeltje said...

I am probably the lucky one....till now I didn;t have real much trouble with Blogger. I think it will take a few days till they all have things on track again, well, I hope so for you.
Not nice that there will be some snow again! But here we never know either, I remember some months of April where we received some snow too. May it stay away please????
Did you already planted some of my seeds? It's about time to grow them now and may be you can plant them outside in May or June then.
Going to post now, have a wonderful day!